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A Life Transformed by Kindness I Joan Dean (2010) Fiction UK £5.99 /  $9.99 / EUR 6.99


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About this book

Myra was just three when she was sent to live with an aunt and uncle and their children, who resented her presence and made her life a misery, so that she grew up seeing the world negatively. She worked hard in school and decided to train as a teacher. She successfully qualified and got a job as an art teacher, because this had been her best subject at school.

Myra was not a very successful teacher because of her negative attitude and her students had poor exam results because of this. When a young art teacher named Clare was appointed by the school, Myra became the head of the art department. Clare soon became concerned about her head of department and her negative mindset so she and her husband Richard set out to make a difference in Myra’s life.

Clare’s appointment to the art department of her school did not seem to be a life-changing event at the time it was made, but for Myra it eventually proved to be one.


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