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Aesthetics of folk art culture - Central Asia I Dr Galiya Janabayeva (2009) Academic UK £14.99


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About this book

For the first time the rich historical, cultural and ethnographic background was analyzed in such a detailed way and interpreted in the context of aesthetic approach to the object and subject of the research.

“… This work by Professor G. Janabayeva is a composite interdisciplinary study combining a great number of methods, historical data, theory of aesthetics, folklore, folk and applied arts, and literary theory. This study of Karakalpak folk art possesses a scientific and practical value because it illustrates the spiritual and aesthetic experience of Karakalpak people, introduces to the theoretical and empirical arsenal of new material aesthetics, and demonstrates its methodological guidelines and categories.

… The value of the research by Professor Galiya Dabylovna Janabayeva is not only in that it was the first research to present a philosophical and aesthetic analysis of Karakalpak folk art compositions; its value is in that the author gave the most complete description of aesthetic consciousness of Karakalpak people in the context of world historical and artistic processes, revealed the dialectics of the national and the universal in popular culture…”

The author demonstrates subtle understanding of poetic, decorative and applied art, showed mastery of literary analysis and research abilities in the field of aesthetic knowledge.

G.D.Janabayeva makes an important contribution to the history of aesthetic thought, theory and history of popular art culture, ethnic and art education; its materials can give a new impetus to studies of folk-art traditions of different ethnic groups.

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