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Blow the Cap off your Capability - Be Unstoppable I Yomi Akinpelu (2020)  Self-help and personal development

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Other book(s) by this Author

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About this book

You are designed for success. How can you achieve this success? The answer is straightforward: success comes as a result of few, simple, well-designed habits practised and repeated every day. So why doesn't everybody just do it? The answer is obvious, yet profound, according to John Rohn: it is because the things that are easy to do are also easy not to do.

Does this book have the answers to all your life challenges? No! What this book will do is provoke you to think deeper and spur you to immediate, intelligent action. The message in this book is simple: be careful not to neglect doing the small things in your life that make the big things happen. Nothing will change unless you change.

Blow the Cap off your Capability is a success and motivational toolbox with practical ideas and wisdom to help change your mindset and motivate you to prompt action so you can achieve your goals and live your best life beginning from right now.
The chapters in this book are arranged in alphabetical order, covering a wide range of topics such as attitude, boundaries, comfort-zones, confidence, failure, integrity, leadership, procrastination, relationships and more.

Some quotes from this book:
Put your eggs in one basket and - watch that basket! (Andrew Carnegie)
Success is not what you achieve, it's what you attract by the person you have become. (Jim Rohn)
The secret to your success is found in your daily routine. (John Maxwell)
The elevator to success is out of order, but the stairs is always open (Zig Ziglar)
Jump, then grow wings on the way down. (Jack Canfield)

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