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A fondness for reading changes the inevitable dull hours of our life into exquisite hours of delight.
- - Charles de Montesquieu
 Sail with Captain Cook in this rousing sea adventure novel.
 A fascinating book based on an unforgettable trip to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. 
 An inspiring tale of love, deceit, war and the indomitable human spirit. 
 ...witty stories for the discerning golfer. 

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Caught between the Irish Catholic Protestant hostilities, will Victoria and Donny ever find happiness? Find out! 
 Amazing travel experiences. There is a beautiful world out there...what are you waiting for?
An intriguing book based on the historical account of a 'Reluctant Recruit'  

Neal James
was interviewed on Talk Radio Europe Book Show
Neal James
On Saturday 8th April 1975, in a fit of rage, Paul Townley took the life of his father. The significance of that single event was to affect the rest of his life.
The first killing took place six months later, and over the following fifteen years seventeen more were to follow. DCI Barnes looked at the letter before him, read the details of the eighteen murders and realised that once again he was faced with the serial killer who had called himself ......Petey. Read more...
"Having read the author's first book, I was interested to see if the standard could be repeated in the second. It has exceeded all expectations and held my attention from beginning to end... Once more the complete absence of bad language was a positive feature..."
- A Review by Sally on Amazon UK


Bryony Allen
"Was it murder or was it an accident?
If it was murder, who was responsible?
Beaver's Brook Primary School is the subject of a justifiably scathing Ofsted inspection, which rips apart the school and its inhabitants, wrapping them in mystery and deceit.
As an inspector is found dead in the staff room, the fragile lives of the teachers are held to scrutiny and ridicule. Their hopes and aspirations decompose beneath a tirade of no-holds-barred mockery, in which love, ambition, jealousy, passion, guilt and innocence collide with disastrous consequences. . .....Read More.
"Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector" is a book that doesn't "mess around" for a moment. Each paragraph, densely-packed with Allen's razor-sharp speedy feminine wit draws (partly) from her own experiences in the classroom.
- A Review by A Cheshire Lad on Amazon UK 


Harry Riley
Ruthlessly manipulated for most of his life by a cunning enemy posing as his friend, Doctor Parker believes he has every reason to kill his generous benefactor, the man he blames for all his misfortunes.
After a cruel start in life, abandoned outside an orphanage as a baby, Billy grows up to become a highly successful entrepreneur. But one person suspects he is also a psychopathic killer with a very personal and mysterious grudge against him and his family.
Two people whose paths were doomed to cross even before they were born, with the most tragic consequences. Read more...
"A brilliantly executed murder mystery novel ... kept me engrossed with its sinister plot and many twists and turns."
- A Review by Heather Webster on


Featured Author
Neal James*
Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book Two Little Dicky Birds?
I am an accountant of 30 plus years, and came to writing quite late.
Two Little Dicky Birds is a tale of bloodlust and deception. It encompasses the sheer evil of a man so tied up in his own psychoses that he is compelled to follow an almost predetermined path.  The reader is pulled from pillar to post as multiple plotlines converge inexorably in a chase for a serial killer across the Atlantic at a frenetic rate, and the breathless pace will have you turning the pages, running to keep up. There are twists and turns at every stage, and right till the end you are not sure whether he will, once again, get away with his crimes.
In writing the novel, assistance came from a variety of sources, including the New York Police Department, Detective Martin Speechley, my editor Rob Eldridge, and a number of close friends whose identities I used at critical points in the plot.
Q2. Where does your inspiration come from?
A variety of sources, including TV, Films, other writers, family and friends, and newspapers. I read widely and can turn a story from a single word in most cases. This was particularly useful with the Short Stories.
Q3. How do you develop your plotlines and scenarios?
Basically it's all down to an overactive imagination. I'm an accountant, and use spreadsheets to control plotlines and scenarios. That way I can see in an instant where the story is going, and any continuity errors are apparent immediately.
Q4. When you write what emotion do you seek to evoke in your readers?
Fear, humour, shock, sadness, guilt - I want to get the reader to share in the story, and make them believe that what I'm saying could actually happen.
Q5. How have you reacted to the brilliant reviews such as being described as 'the number one page turner'?
With both feet firmly on the ground - it's the only way. I'm under no illusions as to the difficulties of breaking into the world of large scale fiction.
Q6. How do you promote your work?
By e-mail (libraries and bookshops), personal contact (friends and Waterstones), social networking (Facebook, Friends Reunited), and the media (local radio and newspapers).
Q7. If you had to pick just one book marketing tool that you've used to promote your book, which would you say has been the most effective?
E-mail - libraries in particular, if you hit the correct target, are very responsive and a number of personal contacts have developed as a result.
Q8. Do you recommend authors getting publicists to help them promote their books? Do you have one?
In order to 'hit the big time' a publicist is an essential, and yet therein lies the problem. I do not have one for the simple reason that good publicists are loathe to take on unknown quantities, and that is precisely what a new author represents.
Q9. Do you do more promoting online or offline and which do you prefer?
Online is where I spend much of my promotional time, mainly because it is more cost beneficial. I do attend reading groups up and down the country and these are particularly enjoyable.
Q10. How has the publishing experience been for you?
Pneuma Springs are the single publishers who have given me a foot in the door. They took a risk and it is paying off. Generally the large publishers will not look at an author without an agent. Agents do not seem to want the trouble of developing a new talent. It's a closed shop, and extremely hard to break into.
Thank you for your time. We wish you every success in your writing career.
*Neal James is the author of three books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds', he is a member of the Crime Writers Association.


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