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Jack the Ripper - Through the Mists of Time-SP

Peter Hodgson


£9.99 £7.49


ISBN 978-1-907728-25-9 (2011) True crime / Crime and criminology



Over a century ago a series of shocking murders took place in a squalid, overcrowded district of Victorian London. The newspapers of the day gave the murderer a chilling nickname - a name that evoked terror. From the outset, he attained almost mythical status merely by virtue of his name and his uncanny ability to avoid detection. The legend of Jack the Ripper was born.
Peter Hodgson’s detailed and entertaining overview of Ripper lore in fact, film and fiction analyses the fiend’s awesome legacy. From a long list of candidates the author reveals his prime suspect for the role of the world’s most infamous serial killer.



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Losing My Religion - The Radical Message of the Kingdom-SP

Richard Bradbury


£7.99 £5.99


ISBN 978-1-907728-17-4 (2011) Theology



The message of the Kingdom of God is not an add-on to the gospel but is in fact the gospel. Christianity is not a religion to be followed but is about seeing the rule of God extended to the earth in every aspect of life: ‘Let Your kingdom come; let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. It is not about adopting a philosophy but about renewing the world through the transformation of lives, beliefs, values and behaviours. This renewal extends to all poverty, injustice and the effects of the Fall in the social, political and economic environment of the World. As we grasp this we will see the gospel as the means through which the healing of our lives becomes the basis for the healing of the nations.





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The Unexpected Death of Father Wilfred-SP

Julius Falconer


£7.99 £5.99


ISBN 9781905809714 (2009) Fiction / Crime / Mystery / suspense



One February evening Fr Wilfred, the parish priest of the Sacred Heart Catholic church in Droitwich, tumbles out of his confessional, stabbed to death. His older sister demands the best detective in the force, and Stan Wickfield is appointed to the case. Unfortunately he cannot identify either the means or the motive of the murder, much less the perpetrator.
His suspects include an eccentric and learned septuagenarian spinster, a school technician rejected for the priesthood because of his sexuality, the custodian of Kenilworth Castle and a bookmaker with a taste for anti-papal sentiment. Motives for the priest’s death waver between contempt for his office, disapproval of a teenage indiscretion, personal hatred and suicide. Wickfield is at his wits’ end until his wife’s reading prods him towards a triumphant solution.




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The Wishing Book 3 - Extermination-SP

Grahame Howard


£5.99 £4.49


ISBN 978-1-905809-90-5 (2010) Fiction / Fantasy and magical realism (Children’s/YA)



This is the sequel to Wishing Book 2 - Return to Mars. Since their last expedition to Planet Mars, the children return to Tenerife on holiday with family friends at the villa next door to Pedro Armaz.
Through a frightening series of events, Pedro and his family, the children along with their father and his friend are abducted by Martian warriors and taken to the Red Planet. This is the beginning of a terrifying ordeal as the Martians finally seize The Wishing Book and take over Planet Earth, a feat that leads to world-wide chaos and devastation. This is the end of the world as we know it, unless they can get back The Wishing Book from the Martians – but how…?
A gut wrenching, nail-biting and terrifying adventure, laden with intrigue and twists around every corner – an experience the children will never forget…!



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When Payday Loans Go Wrong-SP

Steve Perry


£5.99 £4.49


ISBN 978-1-907728-27-3 (2011)  Personal finance



Never before had the word suicide entered the mind of Steve Perry, yet after over 60 payday loans in 18 months it consumed him and led him to the very brink of self-destruction. Live, through the eyes of journalist Jack Robinson, a real-life story of stupidity, tragedy and above all the courage to fight back when all hope seems lost. Learn how a catastrophic spiral of payday loan debt was conceived, endured and ultimately defeated.
This is the story of Steve’s battle against the industry, a fight which has left its scars on both sides, it’s a story to give strength to all of those who are in payday hell, and most importantly, it is the story of what truly happens when payday loans go wrong!



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Chasin’ That Carrot-SP

Avril Dalziel Saunders


£9.99 £5.00


ISBN 9781905809394 (2008) Fiction: special features


Set in Glasgow in 1969; things are difficult, work is scant and money is tight. James and Linda Alexander start married life with everything seemingly against them, they move down south to ‘Chase that Carrot’. They suffer hardship and injustice, get ripped off but the young couple continue to work hard and it looks like their perseverance begins to pay off at last.


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Sweet Dreams-SP

Roberta Downs


£8.99 £4.50


ISBN 9781905809448 (2009) Fiction / Crime / Mystery / suspense


The deputy head of a Glasgow city school, Paul Tanner, has been murdered! Kate Farnham, a colleague, discovers him dead in his Clydeside flat. The Chief Inspector, Dan O'Donnovan, is determined to leave no stone unturned. Nothing seems straightforward amidst the confusing evidence which emerges. Tensions heighten as, a ruthless criminal gang, seeks to eliminate all potential threats to its existence. Suspect or target? That is the question which dominates O'Donnovan's thinking about Kate, but there are more twists to come.


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A Death Twice Avenged-SP

Julius Falconer

£7.99 £4.00


ISBN 9781905809615 (2009) Fiction / Crime / Mystery / suspense


A little girl overhears an argument, between her father and a late-night visitor. Her father is killed. She did not see the killer, but she remembers the killer’s voice. Twenty years later she recognises the voice, identifies its owner and sets out to take her revenge. …Gripping!  


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Read and Soar-SP

Yomi Akinpelu


£5.00 £2.50


ISBN 9781905809189 (2008) Self help / Advice on education


This new book highlights the many benefits of reading. Discover how reading fuels your imagination and boosts your creativity. Find out how reading can shape your thinking and learn how to get your kids to love books. Order your copy today.

Read and Soar!





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Making It-SP

Mark Edmondson


£7.99 £4.00


ISBN 9781905809325 (2008) Fiction: special features


When everything is at stake: marriage, money, your house and your reputation, there is no second chance if you lose. Will Laurie risk it all and do the deal of his life with corporate crook Wray? Fantastic and hilarious!


Click image for book description

The wholesome Truth about Healing-SP

Yomi Akinpelu


£7.99 £4.00


ISBN 0954551079 (2006) Christian spirituality


This book tackles the most difficult questions surrounding the subject of healing. If you have ever wondered about the role of faith and prayer in healing this book is a must read. A thought provoking presentation of unbiased facts about the subject of Healing.




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They’re all foreigners abroad-SP

Stuart Wright


£7.99 £4.00


ISBN 9781905809639 (2009) Travel and holiday


Brits are not difficult to take the mickey out of whilst on our hard earned holidays. This book is a hilarious    A- Z inventory of what you can expect to see or experience on your holiday abroad; ranging from the serious to the ridiculous - so relax and enjoy! 


Click image for book description


One Last Time-SP

Mark Beggs


£7.99 £4.00


ISBN 9781905809264 (2007) Fiction / Crime & mystery


Entangled in the web of fraud and lies, David decides to save his skin by robbing a few banks. Hot on his trail is detective Williams - his own daughter!A thriller and page turner from beginning to end!


Click image for book description

Eternal Wish-SP

Philip Moore


£6.99 £3.50


ISBN 9781905809660 (2009) Fiction: special features


When Julie Jenkins met Peter Porter, she was in love and so was he, but was he in love with her, or Debbie the other woman in his life? This book is for those who believe in romance and love, and despite life’s obstacles, know true love will last forever. Romantic page turner!




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Trawlers and Trawler Folk-SP

Ernest Cleveland.

Contribution & Eds by Barrie Cleveland, Jonathan Monk, Margaret Monkaleriel


£9.99 £5.00


ISBN 9781905809677 (2009) Fishing, angling


Ernest's second book follows on from the story told in St Vincent’s Home Boys. It traces his adventures in the Humber fishing fleet between the wars. The book also describes the profound changes in the fishing industry that took place during Ernest’s years at sea.








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