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Deadly Force I Stu Ready (2008) Fiction UK £8.99 


About this book

Raxon, a middle ranking British Intelligence Officer, is working on a case involving high class forgeries of American ten dollar bills. By chance he stumbles on a deadly plot to import, construct and plant a number of dirty bombs.

He is up against a group consisting of a number of former Oxford University students who call themselves ‘the Apostles’. All nurse deadly grudges against Britain and the United States. Raxon must find where the materials are coming in from and who the bomb maker is.

One of the Apostles, Taylor, has committed most of the information to a laptop computer. This laptop has been mistakenly taken by his ex-wife. He must retrieve the case at all costs.

Another Apostle, Carter, is a disgraced ex- Army colonel. His military intelligence and knowledge of explosive devices make the plot both viable and dangerous.

Raxon has to do whatever it takes to uncover the plotters and to use deadly force if necessary. Finding the case is crucial, there is a race against time; who will retrieve the case first. Raxon or Taylor?


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