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Depression and Psychological Time I Marek Gitlin (2009) Academic

UK £12.99







About this book

Understanding the very nature of Time has captivated Marek for numerous years, whether it is Time in a science, temporal, philosophical or, as explored here, a psychological context.

His interest began when, as a small child, he dismantled the only clock in his parents' home to see how it worked and was amazed to discover that Time 'still happened' even though its physical manifestation - the clock - no longer did. It demonstrated to his young mind that Time was both an external entity and an inner sense.

As a psychotherapist it has been this inner sense of Time and how it can be a powerful influence - for good or ill - on a person's life that now predominantly interests Marek. From many patient encounters and an
extensive review of relevant professional and narrative literatures, he has compiled this book. It examines Time's influence on an increasingly global and ubiquitous illness, depression, and offers an interpretation of how
Time can be both a lock keeping a depression sufferer in a stuck state and the key to releasing them to living a fuller, future-focused life.

This is the first book for a number of years on the psychological impact of Time on affective disorder, and as such offers something new to add to counsellors' and therapists' approaches to finding a possible cause of and resolution to patients' psychological health.

Marek lives in Cumbria with his partner and a very large Alaskan Malamute.


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