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The Girl with Two Names I Joan Dean (2009) Fiction UK £5.99


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About this book

This is the story of the Fraser family and their three daughters, who inherit a house on the Kerry islands. They go there for a holiday and their youngest child, Philippa, falls over a cliff and disappears. The police do a poor job in following up this case and the Frasers go home without their youngest child.

A doctor and nurse, Roger and Ros, who are walking on the beach, find an unconscious child and take her back to their hospital. When she comes round, she can’t remember anything about herself or her family. Ros and Roger adopt her and take her with them when Roger starts a new job near London. They decide to call her Loveday. She still has no memory of her past, but goes to school locally and is happy with her adoptive parents.

Some time later, by chance Ros meets Mrs Fraser. They get talking and Ros realises that this is Loveday’s mother. She goes home to tell her husband about it. They write to the Frasers and arrange a meeting for Loveday and her real parents. The story of the girl with two names unfolds and a wonderful relationship is birthed between the two families.


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