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The Great Exchange - Fundamental Theology Of The Biblical Doctrine Of Salvation I Michael Taylor (2009) Theology UK £9.99


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About this book

It is my deep conviction that the vital question most requiring to be raised today is this: Is man a totally and thoroughly depraved creature by nature? Does he now enter the world completely ruined and helpless, spiritually blind and dead in trespasses and sins? According as is our answer to that question so will be our views on many others. It is upon the basis of this dark background that the whole Bible proceeds.

Any attempt to modify or abate, repudiate or tone down the teaching of Scripture thereon is fatal. Put the question in another form: Is man now in such a condition that he cannot be saved without the special and direct intervention of the Triune God on his behalf? In other words, is there any hope for him apart from his personal election by the Father, his particular redemption by the Son, and the supernatural operations of the Spirit within him? Or, putting it in still another way: If man is a totally depraved being, can he possibly take the first step in the matter of his return unto God?

In this enlightening and scholarly work, I will reappraise anthropology in the light of scripture and Christian tradition. In a day when thoroughgoing study of the doctrine of salvation has been jettisoned as impractical and irrelevant by the church at large, this book serves an essential purpose. It will challenge your mind by the lucid exposition of scripture in relationship to the technicalities of Godís saving work, and rekindle your passion regarding the manifold grace of God in the salvation of sinners.


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