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Training and supporting the care force | Maggie Kindred  (2012) | Social welfare and social services / Industrial or vocational training

UK £9.99 | US $16.99 | EUR 10.99 | CAD 14.99 | AUD 16.99


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Reviews, Web and Press Features

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About this book

‘I expect that’s common sense, isn’t it?'

This innocent comment on my job as a social care teacher always makes me smile. 'Training and supporting the care force’ is not common sense – it’s not rocket science either. Social carers generally are undervalued by society, so often undervalue themselves.

So this book is about helping carers to recognise and value the skills they already possess, and develop these - from this comes an unbelievable amount of support, as well as making all kinds of everyday experiences more interesting and enjoyable.

This book therefore helps carers to

  • recognise and value the skills they already possess

  • develop these skills through applying theory to everyday situations

  • understand the complex social welfare background of today, since knowledge is power

  • be equipped to work with people who have very different backgrounds and experience from their own

  • deal with jargon!

A relevant anecdote:
A woman who had had a high powered job was once applying for employment after having had children. She felt de-skilled and lacking in confidence. Then she sat down and made a list, rather like the one above, of the skills she had used in running a home and caring for children. She spoke of these in the interview. She got the job!

Not common sense, not rocket science…training and support!

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