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You Donít Need Bruises to be Abused I Brian Fox (2007) Inspirational

UK £9.99


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About this book

When people think of Domestic Abuse, the first thing they think of is violence, but violence is generally the tip of the iceberg. In fact there does not need to be violence for there to be an abusive relationship.
Broken bones and bruises heal, but the mental and emotional scars canít be patched up with bandages. It is the emotional and mental abuse that keeps a victim in such a relationship. The constant pounding and relentless manipulation and control strips away the self esteem of the individual and leaves a shell of a person who does not have the ability to break free.
Just as you do not need bruises to be abused; you do not need chains and bars to keep someone a prisoner. This book offers a detailed insight into what really happens behind closed doors in an abusive relationship from all angles. It provides insight into this very real and extremely wide spread problem and what can be done to help.
Written in an easy to read, easy to understand conversational style, this book really hits the nail on the head. If you are a victim, an abuser or you know someone in such a relationship, this book is a must read.


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