From Coconuts to Condors

Valerie Astill (2009)

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From Coconuts to Condors describes an eventful journey from Rio de Janeiro to La Paz, via regions as varied as the Pantanal, the Amazon basin, the Andes and the Altiplano. On the way, they experienced robbery, a stoning and having to sleep in a blood-spattered hotel room.


About this book

“They’re going to throw those!” David said urgently. Carol was just assuring him that he was worrying unnecessarily when the first stones came hurtling across at the party. Our official City Guide immediately retaliated by picking up cobble stones himself and hurling them back at the youths…”

This was just one of many unexpected incidents, such as having to sleep in a blood-spattered hotel room or being served a meal of inedible Ilama meat followed by fizzy fruit salad, that made this trip to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia so unforgettable.

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Valerie Astill

I was born in Oxfordshire in 1943 and by the age of eleven had lived in nine different houses and attended five different schools as my father, a surveyor, took work in different parts of the country. All this moving around may have given me a desire to travel and when I was fourteen, fascinated by his Zoo Quest series, I wrote to David Attenborough to ask which GCE and A Level subjects would, in his opinion, best equip me to be an explorer. I was educated at an excellent grammar [...]

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