A Long Journey Back

Following a near-fatal head injury, this is the real life account of Rob’s (Chris’ son) journey back from the brink of death. It describes the accident followed by life saving surgery and time spent in a coma. When Rob awoke he was totally paralysed and had to regain his mobility and speech. It’s a story of courage plus a remarkable will to live.

Painted Ghosts

Three women head from England to modern day India; each on a personal quest. Daphne revisits the Ajanta caves to re-find the artist in her that she had to abandon as a teenager. Stella wanders the sands of Goa with her estranged sister in the hope of reconciliation. And Ria is drawn to the snowy heights of the Himalayas to find a long lost twin.

A Figure in the Mist

When Lady Amelia Walden is murdered at Monk Fryston Hall Hotel in Yorkshire on the night of her eightieth birthday, the chief suspect is Robert Purbright, a bachelor in his fifties engaged at Farlington Hall, to catalogue her extensive collection of stamps. He is found not guilty but Lady Amelia’s son, Toby, vows to prove the verdict wrong.

A matter of Life & Death

This book is about the power of the words you speak and how you can harness that power to chart the course of your life to your destination. You will find out that the words you speak are powerful, consequential and therefore must be used deliberately. You will never view the words you speak the same way again after reading this book.

A Genuine Fake

Fred Maddox (2010)

Tracy's father died from the tremendous stress of trying to keep his antique business afloat. She takes over his business and soon realised what her father had been up against. She formulates a plan for retribution. Her plan worked beyond all expectations. The money bug had now bitten, she wants more, but can she get away with it?

A Reluctant Recruit

A Reluctant Recruit
Derek Rosser (2011)

This is a true account of my experiences and adventures as a National Service man serving with the Royal Air Force in the mid 1950s. While National Service was discontinued in 1961, I am sure that there are still many survivors from the period that would have their memories stirred by the events I have described.

All Bagged Up

Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease are serious bowel conditions that affect many people of all ages across the world today. This is my account of suffering UC for 10 years and how I coped and survived before undergoing stoma surgery. Pain, humiliation, loss of dignity and anger were all part of my life prior to having surgery for a colostomy.

A Ticket to Tewkesbury

Neal James (2008)

When Julie Martin discovered a fifty year old love letter, little did she know that it would trigger a chain of events which had its roots in the death throes of Nazi Germany. Revelations in the secret files to which it led, threatened the very foundations of democracy in Britain.

A Time to Prey

On the morning following the feast of St Giles, 1 September 1966, the Bishop of Worcester, the Right Reverend Giles Wyndham-Brookes is found slumped and lifeless in his study at Hartlebury Castle, his official residence. He had seemingly tripped on an edge of carpet and hit his head on the fender; but there is a distinct whiff of murder in the air.