Aliens and Angels: Three Stories For Christmas

Sue Hampton (2013)

Sue Hampton captures the spirit of Christmas with three warm-hearted stories full of humour, mystery and magic – starring a boy who’d rather be an angel than a globalob, a donkey called Trouble and a girl with a cracker-sized lamb. With illustrations by children from schools Sue has visited, this is a book to make you smile at any time of year.

Gorilla Dreams

Sue Hampton (2014)

Mr Eden is a teacher with the magic to make stories live. Here he offers his class two very different GORILLA DREAMS.
Mr Eden tells his class two gorilla stories: one crazy, one lyrical.
The spellbinding Mr Eden is a storyteller, but a character too. What does he know of gorilla dreams?

Gust’s Maze

Felwitt is a place like no other; battered by heavy snow, covered by dark clouds, and completely isolated as the result of a curse that has fallen upon it.
Despite the terrible ordeal, the villagers have learnt how to survive thanks to their remarkable resilience and, most of all, their mysterious and precious gold. Someone needs to break the curse!


Bryony Allen (2011)

OTOLI is a short novel aimed at a teen/young adult audience, written in a diary format. It explores the theme of bullying from the point of view of the bullied and the bully, adding a paranormal twist that makes it darkly entertaining. The title OTOLI is a challenge: can you work out what it means?

Pomp and Circumstances

Sue Hampton (2012)

On Royal Wedding Day James isn’t in the mood for romance after a disastrous date. His little sister’s off to Hyde Park, and somewhere in the crowd he won’t be joining is a girl from a different kind of postcode who could change his world. For five young Londoners, one day will bring panic, grief and conflict, and risks worth taking.

The Assembly Room

Bryony Allen (2012)

The ghosts of The Assembly Room have been waiting for someone to unlock their secrets, and 14 year old Merryn Stearne has arrived. For Merryn the future should have been perfect–a new home in the idyllic Suffolk countryside and romance with the gorgeous boy next door. If only the past would stop interfering with the present.

The Two Lands

Paul Purday (2006)

This is a complete two-part story of sixteen year-old Peter who enters a strange world and straight away is involved in a fast-moving adventure to free the Land from rising evil and darkness. Book One is complete in itself, but Book Two continues the story, when Peter is aware of a new deception and is caught up in a quest to find the Golden City.

The Wishing Book

This is the beginning of the adventures of 8 year old John Carter who discovers a book under the floorboards of his house. He discovers its magical powers and together with his sister and two friends, they use the power of The Wishing Book to go to Planet Mars where they embark on an adventure that brings thrills and terrifying experiences.

The Wishing Book 2 - Return To Mars

After their terrifying ordeal, in book 1, the children find themselves, together with their adult friends, back on Mars where once again the battle commences and the leader of Mars brings his forces against John and the others. Some of them are captured and imprisoned leaving the others with the task of trying to rescue them and get home.