A Vaporous Collection of Moments

This book is the author’s 3rd short story collection and contains 75 separate essays and stories about the absurdities, and hilarity, of everyday life. They are especially designed for those with short attention spans and include individual vignettes about the oddities of daily life. It has both nonsensical and serious pieces included.

Be Seated - Short Stories For The Smallest Room

John White (2013)

Better than a newspaper.
Better than your usual reading material.
Better than contemplating your kneecaps.
Why be bored? Why be alone in there? This delightful book of short stories is brimming with amazing tales of humour, adventure, crime, love, horror, science fiction, fantasy and chance. Take your pick.

Captain Damnation and other strange tales - Anthology of short stories

Harry Riley (2010)

Here are twenty eight short, quirky tales: mystery, murder and ghostly stories, for anyone from eight to eighty. Often they will have a twist in the tale and some may even raise a smile or two. The subject matter is wide and varied and the stories are designed as light reading during a journey: by coach, boat, plane or train.

In all Probability: A collection of short stories

Steve Morris (2009)

Cult debut short story collection based on fate, karma, chance encounters and revenge. Considers how the course of life flows after brief encounters. Ideal for quick coffee breaks.

Jumble Tales

Steve Morris (2010)

Dark short story collection where things are never quite what they seem. Cynical soccer players, sinister secret departments and psychological sharpshooters.

My Parakeet was an Anarchist and other short stories

My Parakeet was an Anarchist (2009) is an eccentric collection of short essays that are quick to read and easy to digest. There are 46 separate pieces in this collection, especially designed for those with short attention spans.

Never Mind Where the Ball Went and other Golf Stories

This book contains a series of amusing golfing incidents and reflections designed to entertain. Learn how to outwit the committee, horrify the green keeper, get lucky against an unethical attack, embarrass your friends from overseas & keep an ear open for of the finest sound you are likely to hear on a golf course. It’s all here in faultless prose.

Serendipity - A miscellany of short stories

John Butler (2012)

I have written these stories to interest readers with all manner of tastes. Along with the humorous ones I have delved deeper into other such as real life drama, the nonreligious and the contemplative. In short ‘Serendipity’ caters for all tastes.

Short Stories - Volume One

Neal James (2009)

Find out how Moses writes to God for clarification on matters of the utmost urgency. Hold your breath as an almost perfect insurance scam comes disastrously unstuck in the most unexpected way. Shake your head at Mike's naiveté in dealing with a stranger in black. A collection of unique gems.