Painted Ghosts

Three women head from England to modern day India; each on a personal quest. Daphne revisits the Ajanta caves to re-find the artist in her that she had to abandon as a teenager. Stella wanders the sands of Goa with her estranged sister in the hope of reconciliation. And Ria is drawn to the snowy heights of the Himalayas to find a long lost twin.

Brook Breasting

John White (2010)

‘Brook Breasting’ is the story of a year in the life of a picturesque English village as seen mainly through the eyes of the Village Fete Committee. The story and the committee members are brought to life in the first nine, short, interlinking chapters. Enjoy their varied lives and a few twists and turns along the way.

Chasin’ That Carrot

Chasin’ That Carrot, is about a couple who move to London from Glasgow after the Second World War.
The hardships and humour of ordinary folk living in Glasgow during this era come into their own in this book.

Making It

When everything is at stake: marriage, money, your house and your reputation, there is no second chance if you lose.
Laurie is determined to prove to the sceptical Sally that he is no loser. But making that transition from naïve impoverished late adolescence to dynamic, confident, manhood proves to be a difficult and dangerous journey for him.

The Daisy Chain

What life throws at you in childhood changes you and sometimes takes you to dark places. Richard’s has made mistakes and almost paid the price no father wants to ever pay. Truth is the only way forward for all involved, but love is the vital key in this stirring story of a family torn and mended by events both preventable and beyond their control.