The Blake Curse

I.C. Camilleri (2012)

Crime & Mystery   Fiction   Thriller / Suspense

This supernatural thriller pivots on two powerful characters; Ben Blake, the gifted British Intelligence officer embarking on his first undercover assignment, and Jake Snell, the rugged Earl full of vices, the rogue who has to tease out that single thread of goodness inside his crumbling shell. He is Ben’s only lifeline in this treacherous game.


About this book

Ben Blake, an eighteen year old British Intelligence agent brimming with gifts; intellectual genius, striking appearance, impeccable acting skills and a heightened sixth sense... gifts that all guarantee the success of his first undercover assignment. He effortlessly infiltrates university life in Cambridge and befriends Cathy, the daughter of billionaire Edward Carter, one of the most influential and politically secure titans of the time.
Samantha Black, known as the elusive and exquisitely petite Sam. She rises from the ashes and battles her dark legacy. Her cryptic past and deep secrets become firmly intertwined with Ben’s investigations, shredding his carefully thought out plan to bits.
Jake Snell, the young rugged Earl of Yorkley, the enigma, the rogue full of vices....but possessing abundant resourcefulness, creativity and determination. He is Ben’s only lifeline in this treacherous game.
The Blake Curse is all about heartrending choices, fast pace suspense and that faith in the thread of human goodness. -

About Author

I.C. Camilleri

I was born on the Mediterranean island of Malta wanting to become a medical doctor. My parents strived hard to give me the best education on the island. Life is all about priorities and my mother would buy a book for me rather than a new shirt for herself. And so my parents fed my imagination and nurtured my ambition. I slaved away at medical school and I graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1993. My dream came true. But the profession is not without its stress. There is heartbreak when faced with incurable diseases, things that only God could cure. This was when I started to write. I went home after work and wrote volumes. All the stress seeps out as ideas flood my mind and materialise on paper. I feel complete when I’m in my own little world, creating. Seventeen years ago I moved to the UK. And for anyone out there thinking of [...]

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