The One I Love – A Study of the Works of John the Divine

Richard Bradbury (2020)

Christian Life & Practice   Non-fiction

This book emerged from several years of study and fascination with the writings of John. Aiming to get beneath the surface of the writing, the author delves into the symbolism and metaphor which lie in a deeper reading of the text. As you read, you will gain good understanding and a revelation of John and his writings.


About this book

John’s writings are both ethereal and practical. On the one hand he deals with some of the most profound truths of the Christian gospel and then brings us up short with his black and white statements concerning who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’.
The dialogues between Jesus and the Pharisees in this gospel sound very harsh to a Western ear – there are no punches pulled. But these are surrounded by miracles and healings, and the profound ‘I Am’ statements that fall from the pages and cause us to watch and listen in awe and wonder. We see the same contrast of profundity and practicality in John’s letters as he speaks of Jesus in hushed tones and then condemns those who reject Jesus as ‘antichrist’.
John makes the purpose of his gospel clear (John 20:31). He does it in such a way that tells and paints an unmistakable portrait of Jesus: that people come to know who He is and put their faith in Him.
In his letters, John aims to deal with error concerning the person of Jesus and to ensure the church remains on track. At the centre of all John’s writings is a simple message to the Church: love one another.

About Author

Richard Bradbury

Richard Bradbury

As both a theologian and a pastor, Richard Bradbury brings both scholarship and compassion to his writing. Drawing upon his academic achievements (BA (Honours) in Theology and an MSc in Management), Richard has set up the Basileia Bible School to train those in ministry and those aspiring to ministry in theology and Biblical studies. Other books by him include, It’s the End of the World as we know it World (a handbook to the End Times), Losing My Religion (The Radical Message of the Kingdom), Everybody Hurts (A foray into the Minor Prophets) and The Great Beyond (Restoring Women to their God-given Role in Ministry). Married with 4 grown up children and based in Beverley, he is the leader of Beverley Community Church (part of the Ground Level Network). He also has some national responsibilities with Churches together in England. Previously, he spent 25 years working in industry which enables him to bring both a theological and practical dimension to his work.

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