Two Dachshunds at Troy – A dog’s tale

Jeremy Lousada (2011)

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The true life story of the author’s two dachshunds and their travels in Africa and Europe. A light hearted book that any dog lover will emphasise with and a must for anyone who has ever owned a dachshund.


About this book

This delightful light-hearted book is the true story of a love affair. A love affair between the author and his two miniature dachshunds, one with which anyone who has ever loved a dog will empathise. They were born in Africa and travelled widely there. They were quite possibly the first dogs ever to cross Europe, solely by water from the North Sea to the Black Sea. They swam in the great lakes of Africa, in seven seas, chased baboons in Africa, rabbits in the High Jura on the European watershed, and lizards in the ruins of Troy. Sometimes they enjoyed it, sometimes they found it confusing, sometimes, as in a Turkish winter, they distinctly disapproved. It was an adventurous life...
This is a dog’s tale, a tale of two small dogs. Small dogs they may have been, and perhaps like Pooh, of small brain, but very few dogs can have been as well travelled or better loved.

The author was born in England but grew up on the continent and in East Africa. He served in the British army then moved to Zimbabwe, or Rhodesia as it was, in the BSA Police. After a career in local Government, hotels and sports clubs and finally as bursar of a group of private schools he returned to the UK where he now runs a small convenience store. He has been married to his wife Jean for forty one years, has two married daughters and four teenage grandsons. His passion is boats of all kinds and he spends as much time as he can on his small barge in France, and after studying ‘French in 3 Months’ for five years he hopes in a few more years to master the language.

About Author

Jeremy Lousada

Jeremy Lousada was born in Somerset in 1941. He grew up in Italy, Austria and Tanzania where his father was in the Colonial service. On leaving school he served for a year with the Royal Hampshire Regiment but a yearning for Africa drew him back there and in 1960 he joined the Rhodesian Police in which he served for ten years. On leaving he worked for a while in industrial security, the civil service and Local Government, ending up as Town Clerk of Kariba, then the largest hydro-electric project and man made lake in the world. In 1981 after Independence he moved into the management of hotels and sports clubs, in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia, finally becoming the Bursar of a group of private schools in Zimbabwe. He met his wife Jean in 1969 and they were married in 1970 and have two daughters and four grandsons, one family in Britain and one in Australia. His passion is boats, and in 1995 after living through a minor revolution in Malawi, and the children having left home, they decided to take time out and do something different. Everything which could not fit into two suitcases was sold and a 26 foot yacht, Rainbow, bought in England. They sailed her via the Rhine, Main and Danube to the Black Sea then through the Bosporus and Corinth to the West of Greece before returning to Zimbabwe. The decision to leave Zimbabwe was made in 2003 and they now lease a small convenience store in Cheltenham. Rainbow was sold and as much time as is possible is now spent in France on a small barge, Pebble. Two Dachshunds at Troy was written initially as a present for his wife. His second book [...]

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