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All Bagged Up I Grahame Howard (2009) Inspirational UK £7.99


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Reviews, Web and Press Features

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Western Gazette Review 26 Nov 2009


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About this book

Ulcerative Colitis and Crohnís Disease are serious bowel conditions that affect many people of all ages throughout the world today.
This is one manís account of suffering the debilitating UC for 10 years before undergoing stoma surgery for a permanent ileostomy.
Pain, humiliation, loss of dignity and anger were all part of the authorís life prior to being told he would need surgery for a colostomy. Hardly had this begun to sink in before, the operation was changed to a permanent ileostomy leading to further psychological issues.

This is an honest account of how Grahame Howard survived the 10 years of UC and coped with the knowledge that stoma surgery was inevitable. Grahameís Christian faith was the mainstay in his survival and played a big part in his recovery, especially receiving a healing miracle while in hospital.

The book is autobiographical in style but also gives the reader tips on what to expect prior to surgery and how to live with a stoma and the many psychological battles attached to this.

Life is never easy with bowel conditions and when surgery has to take place in order to survive, it can promote anxiety and frustration as answers are difficult to find.

This book is a ĎMust Readí for people associated with a stoma but will also encourage people who are undergoing personal life issues. There is a better life out there. Itís a matter of finding it.


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