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Same same, but different

There is a beautiful world out there...what are you waiting for?
I was just seventeen years old when I first got the travelling bug. I’d never been further than the South of France on holiday with my parents and that was quite exotic considering the years of caravanning on the Isle of Wight and Cornwall.
This is simply an honest, realistic account of my adventures. Since developing the travelling bug, I have driven across Canada, dived the oceans of Indonesia and the Middle East, been to Australia, New Zealand etc.
You’ll love this. Get Your Copy NOW!

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A Death Twice Avenged

Inspector Morse might be dead and gone but Inspector Stan Wickfield lives on.
A young girl has the tormenting memory of hearing her father’s killer speaking, moments before he commits the dastardly crime. Many years later, the girl is still haunted by this voice and then, quite by chance she hears it again. Thus, sparking off a chain of events, that leads to the full-time involvement of our indomitable Worcestershire sleuth.
This is a fascinating Inspector Wickfield murder mystery, written in a very stylish, British way.

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The Spider’s Banquet

“As a river springs from a mountainside, the author Julius Falconer – himself a fountain of knowledge – spurts out amazing stories which keep his reader spellbound. And like a meandering river finding its way through uneven landscapes, the chronicler appears to ramble through intricately woven cases without overlooking even the tiniest detail. Quite often he is able to show that a tiny speck of information which the un-initiated investigator would happily have discarded turns out to be the key to unraveling a case.”
Julius Falconer is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association he is the author of eighteen murder mysteries and has featured on BBC.

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One Last Time

David Munroe is disillusioned with life; the death of his wife leaves him floundering - and that was just the ‘Calm Before The Storm’.
To fill the void, he finds a new love, his new love is costing him a lot, so he begins to borrow money from his employers without their knowledge.
On the verge of being caught and losing everything, he devises an ingenious plan. Now ‘the Curve Ball’!!

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Sweet Dreams

Houston, We Have a Problem.
The deputy head of a Glasgow city school, Paul Tanner, has been murdered! Kate Farnham, a colleague, discovers him dead in his Clydeside flat. The Chief Inspector, Dan O’Donnovan, is determined to leave no stone unturned. Suspect or target? That is the question which dominates O’Donnovan’s thinking about Kate, but there are more twists to come. Read All About It!

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Treachery and Triumph – An Anthology of World War II Stories

“We’ve Got Company!”
Stare into the past with the eyes of those gripped by its drama.
A vivid insight, through a fascinating mixture of history, reminiscence and fiction, into life during World War 2.
You are guaranteed hours of stimulation, enjoyment and fruitful relaxation with a book devoted to one of the defining events of our times.
Get your copy today.

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An Anthology of Christmas Murders – Terror, Tinsel and Turkey

Lock the doors. Draw the curtains. Settle down in your armchair. Pour yourself a drink. And enjoy ten stories by masters of the genre… Dear, oh, dear.
A catalogue of weakness, hatred, and villainy. It’s all here, at your elbow. And there’s more! Humour, intrigue, history, suspense … and of course Christmas sparkle!
So, cheers! And Happy Christmas!

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Me and the Foreign Girl

Can you imagine getting caught in an Atlantic storm hundreds of miles from the port with no chance of rescue?
Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea indeed. Time to batten down the hatches.
Author James McCarthy brings this voyage to life with a cast of unforgettable characters in a rousing sea-faring tale of courage and determination, love and loss, fear, and faith.

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Making It

When everything is at stake: marriage, money, your house and your reputation, there is no second chance if you lose. A seriously enjoyable commercial fiction about breaking out of a rut, starting a business, attaining success and having a bit of a laugh along the way.

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Chasin’ That Carrot

Chasin’ That Carrot, is about a couple who move to London from Glasgow after the Second World War.
The hardships and humour of ordinary folk living in Glasgow during this era come into their own in this book.

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The Wholesome Truth about Healing

Is spiritual healing “a pie in the sky” or “a piece of cake”? This powerful book “cuts to the chase” about spiritual health and healing.

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Read and Soar

The many benefits, joys and pleasures of #bookreading and how to get kids to enjoy reading from
an early age so they can achieve more. Research shows that a love of reading is more important for a child’s educational success than their family’s wealth or class.
Written by the author of 'Blow the Cap off your Capability'

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Trawlers and Trawler Folk

An enlightening book tracing the author’s career in the Humber fishing fleet between the wars and the profound changes in the fishing industry. Ernest worked from Kingston upon Hull in several vessels like the Thomas Hardy and the Cape Barfleur. Enduring the hardships of year-round deep sea fishing in the North Sea and off Iceland and Greenland.

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