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Silver Eagle  (English Version) - The Official Biography Of “Band Of Brothers” Veteran Clancy Lyall | Ronald Ooms  (2013) | Biography / Military history

UK £8.99 | US $14.99 | EUR 9.99 | CAD 13.99 | AUD 14.99


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Reviews, Web and Press Features

Silver Eagle: Ronald Ooms answering questions from the public at a Q&A event in Geel, Belgium which marked the start of the city's 70th anniversary of its liberation. More..

A snap shot of Ronald Ooms, the author of Silver Eagle, during a book signing in Veghel, Netherlands of 16 September 2014.. More..

A snap shot of Ronald Ooms' book signing at Paulushoef at Son DZ, Netherlands.

A snap shot of Ronald Ooms' book signing at Fort 2, Wommelgem Belgium. Sep 13 More..

Feature in the Belgian Newspaper Nieuwsblad van Geel. August 13 More..

A snap shot of Ronald Ooms' book signing at Angoville-au-Plain in France. July 13 More..

Silver Eagle has been featured in the Southern Maryland Newspaper. More..

Belgian's Gazet van Antwerpen feature. April 2013 More..

Candid reviews of ‘Silver Eagle - The Official Biography Of “Band Of Brothers” Veteran Clancy Lyall'. March 2013 More..


“Clancy Lyall was a tough Texas farm boy who entered World War II as a 16-year-old paratrooper, fought, survived, and thrived alongside of a company of elite soldiers, then reenlisted and fought in both Korea and Vietnam. This is a powerful and warm-hearted story of an American hero, a must-read for any fan of the Band of Brothers.”
—Marcus Brotherton, author of We Who Are Alive & Remain

Clancy Lyall was one of the Band of Brothers lesser-known, unsung, heroes. A veteran who transferred into Easy Company after being wounded in Normandy, he fought beside Dick Winters and the others through Holland, Belgium and on to Adolf Hitler's Eagle Nest on a Bavarian mountaintop. The book is like having an informal, one-on-one, chat with Lyall, filled with rich detail and little known facts of the man known as Silver Eagle.
— Larry Alexander, bestselling author of "Biggest Brother: The Life of Major Dick Winters, the Man Who Led the Band of Brothers"

"Anyone interested in the fighting men behind 'Band of Brothers' will enjoy 'Silver Eagle.' This book highlights the end of an era as Clancy Lyall's personal story is told in his own words, which although occasionally naïve, illustrate a time where values and conduct were second to none - absorb and enjoy."
—Ian Gardner, Co-Author of 'Tonight We Die As Men' and author of 'Deliver Us From Darkness.'



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About this book

'SILVER EAGLE', the official biography of “Band of Brothers” veteran Clancy Lyall, written by his friend Ronald Ooms. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and seeing every young man leave town to join the army or the merchant marine, Clancy, who was only sixteen, didn't want to stay behind. He lied about his age and enlisted into the military.

He became part of the 101st Airborne and saw action in Europe where he jumped into Normandy during D-Day. After a narrow escape from death he was reassigned to Easy Company 506, the famous 'Band of Brothers'. He saw action during Operation Market Garden, confronted the freezing temperatures and brutal barrage by the enemy during the Battle of the Bulge, witnessed the horrors of the concentration camps in Nazi Germany and became the first allied soldier to step into Hitler's 'Eagles Nest' in Berchtesgaden.

At the end of World War II he re-enlisted and joined the 82nd Airborne where he was stationed near Frankfurt, Germany.

He made two more combat jumps in Korea, doubling his total of combat stars on his jump wings. And with that becoming one of the few to ever achieve that feat. In Indochina he became an adviser for the 29th French Parachute Division. This is his story told by the man himself.

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