An Anthology of Christmas Murders - Terror, Tinsel and Turkey

Murder comes in all shapes and sizes. It also comes at inconvenient times. Christmas, for example. This anthology has all the classic motives: blackmail, revenge, lust, greed, anger… And there’s more! Humour, intrigue, suspense…

Me and the Foreign Girl

Caught in an Atlantic storm the ‘Annie L.’ is sinking. With its motley crew the trawler is an accident waiting to happen. They are hundreds of miles from their homeport on the picturesque Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland and there may be no chance of rescue. A rousing sea-faring tale of courage and determination, fear and faith.

The Coffin Maker

From behind the headstones the laser beams from the machine guns settle on the target; coffin maker, Pat O’Donnell. He is unwillingly digging a grave for these thugs. A woman arrives in a jeep. Even in the half-light he can see she is beautiful, but what is she doing here? She is a stranger, yet, he feels drawn to her and her mysterious background.