In Search Of Ireland Again

John Butler (2012)

The book is a personal account of my tours of Ireland. I compare the country I see to that which H.V. Morton describes in his ‘In Search of Ireland’ written eighty years ago. It is more than a travelogue, it tells of a country in desperate poverty, the fight for independence, its resurgence into prosperity and the looming fear of the new economic crisis.

Serendipity - A miscellany of short stories

John Butler (2012)

I have written these stories to interest readers with all manner of tastes. Along with the humorous ones I have delved deeper into other such as real life drama, the nonreligious and the contemplative. In short ‘Serendipity’ caters for all tastes.

The Life that Jack Built – Secrets of a school teacher

John Butler (2013)

This story is based on the true story of a self-centred young man at odds with himself. It is the tale of how Jack handles work, romantic attachments and manages to wriggle out of the tightest of situations. Then suddenly opportunity knocks for him –he takes the plunge, but at the end he is in for a surprise as he is stopped in his tracks...