Second Hand Scott

Scott Logan, AKA Second Hand Scott, specialises in picking up girls who have just been dumped, jilted or otherwise broken-hearted. But he isn’t your stereotypical romantic cad and bounder. No; he actually thinks he’s being helpful. But one day, Scott is forced to choose between his continued second hand existence and the possibility of true love.

Serendipity - A miscellany of short stories

John Butler (2012)

I have written these stories to interest readers with all manner of tastes. Along with the humorous ones I have delved deeper into other such as real life drama, the nonreligious and the contemplative. In short ‘Serendipity’ caters for all tastes.

Sharks That Walk On Land

Ron Palmer (2011)

This is a fictionalised account of the last two weeks of Captain James Cook's life written in two parts: The events leading up to his murder by the Hawaiians are contained in Part One. The second part deals with attempts by his successor and friend to retrieve his remains for Christian burial. The book is based on authentic research and facts.

Short Stories - Volume One

Neal James (2009)

Find out how Moses writes to God for clarification on matters of the utmost urgency. Hold your breath as an almost perfect insurance scam comes disastrously unstuck in the most unexpected way. Shake your head at Mike's naiveté in dealing with a stranger in black. A collection of unique gems.

Short Stories - Volume Two

Neal James (2018)

One for the short story enthusiast, ‘Short Stories Volume Two’ will fill that coffee break or evening by the fire with another insight into Neal James’ varied writing styles. There’s romance, crime, horror, science fiction, and just a hint of the paranormal among the twenty-six tales which he has spun for you.

Sins of the Father

Harry Riley (2009)

Murder and mystery: two young men whose paths were doomed to cross even before they were born. Billy Turpin grows up to become a successful businessman, with charismatic charm. James Parker becomes a doctor, often suffering fits of depression and who suspects that his generous benefactor: Billy Turpin, is also a psychopathic killer.

Skateboarding on the Appian Way and other short stories

A short essay/story anthology with 59 individual vignettes about the oddities of everyday life. This book has both nonsensical and serious pieces included.

Tempt Not the Stars

The Hon. Mr and Mrs Bede Lambton, of Abberton Hall in Worcestershire, persuade their nephew Gregory to enter a competition run by the Syrian Ministry of Tourism. Gregory, a student in the archaeology department of Bristol University, produces a paper called ‘The Syrian Sapphire’. Subsequently Gregory’s housemate Sheena Morrison is murdered.

The Alkan Murder

The Alkan Murder is a crime novel in the best British traditions of the genre, with red herrings and stimulating asides galore. The story is set in the present in a North Yorkshire hamlet. It allows the alert reader to identify the murderer in a helter-skelter of an investigation conducted by a seasoned but baffled detective team.