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My Year with Cancer I Robert Paul Quinn (2016)

Coping with illness / Health and personal development

UK £7.99 | US $13.99 | EUR 8.99 | CAD 11.99 | AUD 13.99


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"I could not put it down. I didn't expect a book about cancer to make me laugh out loud, but it did. The humour lightened the mood while still telling the story. The author has managed to find the right balance between conveying their personal experience/opinions while remaining non-judgemental. The author is very open and honest and takes you on his personal journey to beat cancer. It provides an in-depth look at the good, bad and ugly side of cancer. There are some helpful and handy tips that some may find useful when trying to come to terms with fighting the disease. An excellent read with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure makes this an essential book for everyone who is either going through cancer treatment and/or  friends/family who want to provide the right support for  them."

David T



"A very powerful account of one man's journey through the complex NHS system after being diagnosed with cancer. Never losing his sense of humour throughout, you will find this book both fascinating and insightful. The author is very relatable which kept me hooked right from the start."

Shirley Harvey



"This book is a honest account of one man's journey from diagnosis and subsequent recovery from cancer. Don't be put off by the title, it's not all gloom and doom. I had thought it was going to be sad and serious but this is not the case. It's honest, funny and informative."

Mary Boyle



About this book

Be moved! Be inspired! Be encouraged!

Here is the true and honest story of a man who out of the blue fell victim to oesophageal cancer in mid-life and fought back. He takes the reader from his incomprehension at the moment of diagnosis, to his bewilderment, then acceptance, the battle and finally the all-clear. He does not spare us the disappointments, the pain, the loneliness, the many difficulties in coping with endless hospital appointments and a dazzling array of treatments and medicaments. But there is also humour and light-heartedness and the courage which propelled him forward in the face of dismaying odds.

He talks about coping with life afterwards with only a fraction of the stomach he had before and a new oesophagus fashioned out of the rest of it: the nausea, the fatigue, the discomfort, teething problems, new surgical interventions … a journey none of us would willingly undertake but despatched here with humour and determination.

He pays tribute to friends and members of his family who gave him support and particularly to members of the many medical teams – nurses, doctors, consultants, surgeons, counsellors – from whom he received expertise, TLC and encouragement. On the other hand, he does not disguise what he sees as failures in his treatment at the hands of the NHS.

This book will inform, stimulate, hearten and move you to action. The story is lightly told, the style easy on the eye.

In short, it’s a great read!

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