Submission guidelines

For non-fictional works, the manuscript should be well researched as appropriate, on a topic that is not vague to be of interest to the general readers. It should be well-written, proficiently checked for errors, with clear illustrations where applicable. It should preferably have been endorsed or viewed by another person that is knowledgeable or an authority in the respective subject.

For fictional works, the manuscript should have an exciting plot and carefully planned. The interest should be generated by the characters themselves and also by what they do. We look for solid plots, well-developed settings and characters that are ‘fully realised’. We want originality. The content should correspond to a good, powerful story-line, with an appropriate and stimulating ending. We desire novels that are believable and will take the reader out of the realm of everyday existence.

Fictional historical works should be well researched and totally fictional worlds must be visualised clearly. Extensive use of vocabulary is encouraged. We discourage superfluous use of expletives which we consider unnecessary in any credible literary work.

Although each work will be reviewed on its own merit, we tend not to accept works that include: Sexual abuse or rape – (unless it is a scene that is absolutely vital to the story line and moderated), extreme violence, blasphemous material, abuse of children, spousal abuse and promotion of hatred.

Promotion & Marketing

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