999 Keys to Success

17 August, 2020

I have found 999 keys to success, but without self-discipline none of them works! (Kop Kopmeyer)

Discipline is a constant human awareness of a need for action and a conscious act by us to implement that action. If our awareness and action happen at the same time, then we begin a valued sequence of disciplined activity. If there is considerable time that passes between our time of awareness and action, then that is called procrastination. This is an almost exact opposite of discipline. We are always presented with these two choices: do it now or do it later. A choice between a disciplined existence which leads to achievement and contentment or procrastination leading an easy life in which the future will bear the fruit of regret and bare branches of mediocrity. A do-what-you-can attitude or do-what-you-must attitude. Procrastination says, Do it tomorrow instead of today. Discipline says, Get it done today and do it now, to the best of your ability, and then do it every day always, until finally the worthy deed becomes an instinctive habit that leads to achievement. The rewards for a disciplined life are immeasurable, though they are often delayed till sometime in the future; but be assured they will come. The reward for lack of discipline is immediate – like a fun day at the beach – but the reward for discipline can be like owning the beach. Choose fortune over pleasure, choose a disciplined life.

Success is tons of discipline. (Al Tomsik)

Our world seems to be designed to give fewer rewards to easy things and more rewards to the things that are not so easy and require discipline. You cannot succeed beyond your discipline. You must run on a schedule.

Keep doing what you are doing in a disciplined way and it will grow. It will grow, it will keep growing. Just be disciplined. Intelligence is overrated. Discipline can help you achieve beyond those of high intelligence who won’t put in the effort. A wise man said if you will do for eighteen months what others won’t do, you will do for the rest of your life what others can’t do.


Author: Yomi is a wordsmith, passionate about books, reading, education, healing and health. She has appeared several times on television and radio; speaking about her passion. She has Master’s degree in Medical Immunology from the College of Medicine, University of London and worked at a postgraduate college of medicine in London for over a decade before pursuing her passion for writing. She is the author of four books.

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