Believe You Can

13 May, 2021

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right. (Henry Ford)

No successful person ever became wealthy without the firm conviction that he or she would succeed one day. Some people of incredible talent have fallen by the wayside, while others with less talent, but with a firm belief in their own abilities, succeed beyond their wildest dreams. The key is knowing how to get the most out of what we have been given at birth. Why is it that many first-class people fail in life? They do extremely well in school, get a degree or two, then fall into some crack  and disappear – you hear nothing more about them. Others muddle through school with average or less than average grades but end up building spectacular careers and making a fortune.

Often being handed a pile of money, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth as they say, kills all the qualities you need to succeed in the real world. Many successful people had to struggle and overcome terrific obstacles, but it was precisely because they had to struggle so hard that they were able to mould their talent, their financial astuteness, into  a razor sharp instrument that has served them more than someone who simply inherited a million bucks at birth. If someone gave you a million pounds would that make you a success? Would you be able to develop that capital into something of your own, make it grow? Or would you just sit on it, watch it lose value through inflation, live off the interest you could get from someone else, someone who would really be doing something with it? Your talent is like a million dollars. It just fell into your lap. Now you have to manage it, make it grow and prosper.

Belief is the thermostat that regulates what we accomplish in life. A person is a product of his own thought. Believe Big. Adjust your thermostat forward. Launch your success offensive with honest sincere belief that you can succeed. Believe big and grow big.

Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking. Poor thinking habits keeps more people poor than poor working habits.

Develop your gifts as you go along, grow as an individual and take hold of every opportunity to use your gift/talent, do it scared if you have to, but just do it! You don’t have to be the smartest to succeed. You just have to be focused, determined, motivated, persistent and have tons of self-belief. Self-esteem is the single most significant key to a person’s behaviour.

Many things appear hard until they have been achieved. Many things are scary until they are understood. Many times the impossible is often the un-dared small opportunity. Every great idea is impossible from where you are starting today – but small baby-steps add up rapidly – so take that step today! Nothing is impossible. Everything you need to flourish is in you already. Trust the talents and gifts you’ve been blessed with and use them to propel you forward.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.  (Theodore Roosevelt)


Author: Yomi is a wordsmith, passionate about books, reading, education, healing and health. She has appeared several times on television and radio; speaking about her passion. She has Master’s degree in Medical Immunology from the College of Medicine, University of London and worked at a postgraduate college of medicine in London for over a decade before pursuing her passion for writing. She is the author of four books.

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