A Genuine Fake

Fred Maddox (2010)

Tracy's father died from the tremendous stress of trying to keep his antique business afloat. She takes over his business and soon realised what her father had been up against. She formulates a plan for retribution. Her plan worked beyond all expectations. The money bug had now bitten, she wants more, but can she get away with it?

Deadlier Than The Male

Fred Maddox (2009)

Peter Milton had always promised himself he would never again live in poverty, as he had done as a child. That promise became an obsession, so great, it took over his life.

Harley House

Fred Maddox (2013)

This is a provocative story involving elements of the paranormal. Peter Grice was a sceptic he dismissed stories of ghosts and little men from Mars as nonsense–a figment of the imagination. But when he moved to another town and met Greg, he experienced a series of mind-boggling events which dramatically altered his perception of the supernatural.


Fred Maddox (2011)

Joss Hinchcliff was at a disadvantage from the moment he was born. He lived a hard life but one day he found an abandoned vintage car which he re-built, it was no ordinary car. Whilst out on a road test one day, it whisked him away to a mysterious place which would change his life forever.