A Genuine Fake

Fred Maddox (2010)

Fiction   Thriller / Suspense

Tracy’s father died from the tremendous stress of trying to keep his antique business afloat. She takes over his business and soon realised what her father had been up against. She formulates a plan for retribution. Her plan worked beyond all expectations. The money bug had now bitten, she wants more, but can she get away with it?

About this book

Tracy Gray had lost both her parents; her mother, tragically in a car accident when she was a youngster and now her father through a heart attack, brought on by the stress of trying to keep his antique business afloat.
Taking over the business Tracy soon realised what her father had been up against. An influx of rich men, instant millionaires, with money made from the stock exchange or the property boom, were frequenting the antique sale rooms and effectively pricing antiques out of her father’s reach and adversely affecting his business. She immediately blamed her father’s death on these men and began to formulate a plan for retribution. Her determination to hit back at these people became an obsession.
She devises a blueprint for revenge. Her plan worked beyond all expectations. Having found the answer to these people, and realising there was a lot of money to be made with this illegal venture, she eventually turned to using her scam on innocent people.
The money bug had now bitten. Driven by the continual need to expand her business either by legal or illegal means, had made Tracy a hard and bitter person. The men in her life, who had fallen for this very pretty woman, also fell foul of her money obsessed ways.
Eventually and inevitably she tried her devious ways on one person too many and suffers a backlash, but she believes she can still come out on top.
Will she succeed or will she lose everything she had schemed and cheated for?

About Author

Fred Maddox

Fred was born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1941 during the bleak times of the war years. His father was a coal miner and his mother worked in the pottery industry. Stoke was a bleak place in those days. Money and jobs were hard to come by, but Fred received a good standard grammar school education. Favourite subjects. English, Art and Science. On leaving school at the age of 15, Fred gained employment as an apprentice motor engineer, gaining his City and Guilds. He later became a Regional Manager for a national motor components distributor. Even as a young child, Fred was writing stories and relating them to anyone who would listen. He married in 1962 at the age of 21. When his son and daughter were born, his writing took a back seat. It was revived temporarily when he divorced in 1975, when a few more short stories were written, but viewed only as a pastime, he never attempted to get them published, and sadly most of them were lost in time. In 2003 at the age of 62 Fred suffered a mild heart attack prompting him to take early retirement, emigrating to Cyprus, where he decided to take up his writing seriously. To date, Fred has had 3 novels published and 15 short stories, which he has not yet submitted for publishing. One of his inspirations for writing was a T.V. series called ‘The Outer Limits.’ A series of stories based on the unknown. He enjoyed the story lines but found some of them, for him had [...]

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