Never Mind Where the Ball Went and other Golf Stories

Forbes Abercrombie (2010)

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This book contains a series of amusing golfing incidents and reflections designed to entertain. Learn how to outwit the committee, horrify the green keeper, get lucky against an unethical attack, embarrass your friends from overseas & keep an ear open for of the finest sound you are likely to hear on a golf course. It’s all here in faultless prose.

About this book

Have you ever thought of throwing your clubs with a bit of draw? Or deliberately playing slowly to rattle the opposition? Have you used the well-timed tactless remark to gain advantage? Read on and realise how such behaviour rebounds on the club golfer.

Discover also the satisfaction of taking part in the running of events and of the unusual way of stifling discussion in Committee. Whoever would have thought of cutting the holes square for a change and horrified the greenkeeper? Where does the red wolf fit in?

The author Forbes Abercrombie is a retired surgeon who took up golf in his early twenties, getting down to a single figure handicap at his best. He accompanied his clubs to many courses in many countries and had many adventures in play.

He has chosen thirty episodes which illuminate the corners of the great game. You will not find any instructional material here; just the moments that gave him most pleasure at the time. Incredible though these stories may seem, every story is true.

There is something for everyone in this slim volume. A word of warning though; this is not recommended bedtime reading, as you will have finished the book before you can put it down!

About Author

Forbes Abercrombie

I was born on the 28th of March 1935 in London. My father was a busy General Practitioner in Hampstead. After my younger sister arrived we moved into Fenton House which is now a National Trust Property. I am told they have redecorated since I marked a wall with my boots during a temper tantrum. I was educated at Charterhouse, Caius College Cambridge and St Bartholomews Hospital. After qualification I worked as a junior doctor in St Bartholomews itself, Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children, the Royal Northern Hospital, Leicester and Portsmouth. The hardest job was Senior House Officer at Great Ormond Street. I had one night off every five weeks. Somehow my wife, for we had married as soon as I qualified, having been engaged for two and half years, found time to have two boys and hold the family together. When I was appointed a consultant urological surgeon in Portsmouth I was at home so much that my elder son assumed I had lost my job and offered his pocket money back to help. All this was fifty odd years ago and now I am retired. Since retirement I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This has meant a complete change of [...]

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