Chasin’ That Carrot

Avril Dalziel Saunders (2008)

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Chasin’ That Carrot, is about a couple who move to London from Glasgow after the Second World War.
The hardships and humour of ordinary folk living in Glasgow during this era come into their own in this book.

About this book

It is 1969, James and Linda Alexander start married life with everything against them; she is pregnant, money is tight and they rent a room and kitchen in Glasgow’s east end.
Things are difficult, work is scant in Glasgow and James and Linda have a toddler son with another one on the way, they decide to move down south to ‘Chase that Carrot’. Work is plentiful and wages are good in the London area, but there are no houses for rent. James roughs it in a rented room and Linda stays on in Glasgow. Weeks before the birth, James finds an apartment in Weybridge, Linda bids a tearful farewell to her parents and joins her husband.
Homesick on New Year’s Eve, they set off for Glasgow. Disaster strikes and they spend the night in a cell in Carlisle Police Station. Another time they attend a family wedding, but on the return journey they are involved in a nasty accident on the A74.
The young couple work hard, endure hardships, suffer injustice but feel their perseverance starting to pay off when they buy a house in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Their eyes are opened up by some of the ‘goings on’ in their new street; things, they thought, only happen in films.
The hardships and humour of Glasgow folk in this era come into their own in this book.
‘Chasin That Carrot’ is a sequel to ‘What’s For Ye, Won’t Go By Ye’

About Author

Avril Dalziel Saunders

A Scottish born author whose first novel was about a family in 1960s Glasgow has penned a sequel in which they all move to Addlestone. They say ‘stick to what you know’ and that is exactly what Scottish born author Avril Dalziel Saunders did when penning her latest book. The 60 year old wrote her first novel, based on a family in 1960s Glasgow, five years ago and after pressure from fans who wanted to find out what happened to the characters she decided to write a sequel which saw the family in the book move to Addlestone. ‘Chasin that Carrot’ has now been published, and was released on October 31. Avril, who moved to New Haw in 1971, said: “When I wrote the first book, I always said that I would never write another one, because I’d already achieved what I wanted to achieve. “But I had letters from all over the world, including from Canada, America, Australia and South Africa, asking me what happened next, and asking me to write another book. “But the problem I had was that the first book was based in Glasgow, and I left Scotland in 1971, so I was worried that references to Scotland might not be accurate anymore. “So I decided to move the characters down to where I do know, which is Addlestone and New Haw.” Parts of Church Road in Addlestone are mentioned in the book, including the old Nat West bank which stood [...]

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