A Long Journey Back

Chris R. Pownall (2011)

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Following a near-fatal head injury, this is the real life account of Rob’s (Chris’ son) journey back from the brink of death. It describes the accident followed by life saving surgery and time spent in a coma. When Rob awoke he was totally paralysed and had to regain his mobility and speech. It’s a story of courage plus a remarkable will to live.

About this book

This is the real life account of a remarkable young man who suffered a near fatal head injury and describes his astounding battle to regain his life.
Rob Pownall was just eighteen when he had an unfortunate accident, which was to dramatically change his life. Following life saving surgery he lay in a coma for several days before waking up only to find himself completely paralysed and unable to speak.
The story is told by Rob’s father Chris R. Pownall, author of ‘Funny How Things Work Out’ and ‘Onwards and Upwards’.
This book is intended to be an inspiration to others who might find themselves in a similar situation, and need something to give them hope and encourage them to strive for the best possible recovery.
Rob received the finest medical care under the British NHS (National Health Service) and demonstrated great determination and courage; he worked hard every single day as part of his rehabilitation, maintained a positive mental attitude which greatly helped him through his long journey back from what first appeared to be a hopeless and impossible situation.

About Author

Chris R. Pownall

I’m very proud of my humble background, born into a loving family in the small Cheshire village of Bosley, in the United Kingdom. Sadly my Father died when I was nine years of age, leaving my mother Lucy to look after my sister Cynthia and I, until we were able to fend for ourselves. I left school at the age of fifteen with no qualifications, but managed to secure an engineering apprenticeship at a nearby mill. It was hard work with long hours, and I had to study at a college of further education until I was 22 years of age. Having completed my apprenticeship, I was promoted to the drawing office, but then developed itchy feet and thought of ways to broaden my horizons and travel the world. I joined the Merchant Navy and this was the break I needed to get me away from my roots, in the discovery of pastures new. As it transpired, the life at sea proved to be unsuitable for me and after my initial training and one trip to the Far East; I decided to [...]

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