A matter of Life & Death

Yomi Akinpelu (2005)

Christian Life & Practice   Non-fiction

This book is about the power of the words you speak and how you can harness that power to chart the course of your life to your destination. You will find out that the words you speak are powerful, consequential and therefore must be used deliberately. You will never view the words you speak the same way again after reading this book.

About this book

A Little rudder controls a massive ocean liner, a small spark sets ablaze a vast forest. The gulf between the two worlds of life and death is a tiny bridge called the tongue.
Do words really matter that much? You can find out in this book.

In a world where words are used idly, this book brings a penetrating insight and vital reminder of the impact of our words.

The message contained in these pages may appear basic, but it will change your life if you allow it.

In this book you will discover how you can utilise the power of words to establish God's purpose for your life. You will also find out:

How to use God's words as building blocks for your life.
How to speak to your mountains.
How to use faith filled words for effective prayer.
How to use God's word as seed for a good harvest.

and much more.......

About Author

Yomi Akinpelu

Yomi Akinpelu was born in Leeds in the 1960s. She holds a Masters degree in Medical Immunology from the College of Medicine, University of London and has worked for a postgraduate college of medicine in London for over a decade. Yomi is a wordsmith, passionate about the way words are used, books, healing and health. Following her passion and a career change she now works as a publishing editor for a Kent based publishing house She is the author of three books; A Matter of Life & Death – The Power of your words, The Wholesome Truth About Healing, Read and Soar, all available as paperbacks and ebooks. She has appeared several times on television talking about the subject of healing and health and reading. Yomi lives with her husband and three children in Kent and is available for interviews and to write feature articles as well as guest blogs. Youtube Channel

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