Between Two Dusks

Annie Coyle Martin (2013)

Fiction   Historical   Romance

Religion thwarted romance for Victoria; now it threatens Lizzie. Thrown over by the man she loves, she escapes Ireland for Canada. But questions remain about her past. Only a trip back home can resolve them and permit Lizzie to discover the truth about who she is.
A heartbreaking portrayal of the consequences of our actions for future generations.

About this book

It is the 1950s in Dublin, Protestant Lizzie Wynne meets and falls in love with Finn, a young Catholic doctor, they are confident that religion will be no barrier to love in a changing Ireland. But the past has a way of catching up with you when you least expect it. Finn discovers Lizzie’s past and family background, unknown even to her– it changes everything. Religion thwarted romance for Victoria and now Lizzie must pay the price too. Jilted by the man she loves, Lizzie escapes to Canada in search of a new life. When she meets the handsome Jack, it seems her future is secure. But questions about Lizzie’s past remain and only a trip back to Ireland may resolve them. Will Lizzie ever discover the truth about who she really is?
This heart-tugging story closely recreates the atmosphere of 1950s Ireland and is the sequel to ‘To Know the Road’ published in 2011.

About Author

Annie Coyle Martin

I was born in a tiny village in County Cavan in the south of Ulster. My parents were primary school teachers. Because there was no secondary school available I was sent as a boarder to two convent schools, St. Mary’s College Mountmellick, County Laois, and later to The Cross and Passion College in Kilcullen, County Kildare. In each of these schools I was lonely, and missed my parents. After secondary school I trained as a nurse in St Lawrence’s Hospital in Dublin and in 1957 emigrated to Canada. I have been making up stories all my life, a practise not encouraged either by my parents or my teachers. I felt I missed something in life by not attending university so in Canada I attended Laurentian University for an undergraduate degree and The University of Toronto for graduate work. I have worked in health care and in the civil service. In the Nineties I began to take [...]

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