Bible John – Closure

Andrew Malloy (2011)

Fiction   Thriller / Suspense

Glasgow, Scotland, 1969, a serial killer named Bible John strikes for the third and last time, vanishing as quickly as he had appeared. 40 years on, and a killer is on the loose again…and young women are dying in an all too familiar way. The race is on to catch a killer…with devastating consequences.

About this book

The illegitimate birth of twin boys in 1945: the infamous Bible John slayings: two present day murders.
What is the terrifying link that connects all three?

During the late 1960s, the actions of a vicious serial killer prophetically dubbed ‘Bible John’ caused mass hysteria among the young women of Glasgow, holding them in a chilling, vice-like grip of terror. Then, inexplicably, in late 1969, almost as quickly as they had begun, the killings stopped.

It is 2010 and two teenage girls are dead, strangled. On the surface the authorities appear to treat the murders as unrelated but ambitious young policeman, DCI Mason Blackwell, has other ideas...and a vested interest. A personal link to the original murders compels him to delve deeply to try and establish a connection between generations.

Blackwell, his good friend and colleague, DI Theresa Bremner, and ex-Special Forces agent, Tom Logan, now a top criminal psychologist, join forces to form a special unit designed to track down the killer.

In an age of recession and budget cuts, an already depleted police force is then stretched almost to breaking point by the emergence of another killer – one who randomly executes wife beaters and child abusers.

The scene is set for a nightmarish journey for Mason Blackwell and his team as the crime count threatens to spiral out of control. Expect the unexpected as the story dramatically twists and turns, sending all concerned towards a violent and terrifying conclusion...

About Author

Andrew Malloy

Andrew Malloy

Businessman Andrew D Malloy was born in Cardiff, but has spent most of his life in Central Scotland where he lives with his wife and family. An already published author, having penned two critically acclaimed crime thrillers (Frantic and Bible John Closure) and an autobiographical account of his father’s time in football (Memoirs of a Hard Man – The Danny Malloy Story), he was forced to take a long sabbatical due to heavy work commitments. These days he spends his leisure time on the golf course or walking his dog Ollie in nearby woods. He’s also rediscovered enough of his mojo to write the first in a series of books featuring Secret Service man Ryan Taylor. Sins of the People, a fast-paced international thriller published by Pneuma Springs, took just over nine months to complete. And Malloy’s not exactly planning to hang around, with sequels Designer Baby and Under Burning Skies already partially written.

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