Brook Breasting

John White (2010)

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‘Brook Breasting’ is the story of a year in the life of a picturesque English village as seen mainly through the eyes of the Village Fete Committee. The story and the committee members are brought to life in the first nine, short, interlinking chapters. Enjoy their varied lives and a few twists and turns along the way.

About this book

The new Treasurer of the Brook Breasting Fete Committee the Reverend Rolf James has discovered an anomaly in the accounts. He calls for an Extraordinary General Meeting. Is there a villain to unmask? Chapter by chapter, we see the lives of the main characters in this book held up to close scrutiny.
The build up to the fete and subsequent events are central to the story, but other issues and happenings in and around the village vie for attention. The sudden unexpected death of one of the main characters and the threatened closure and attempted armed robbery of the post office, followed by a tragic accident involving a boy and a spate of organised poaching incidents, are just some of the plotlines weaving in and out of the story. Author John White brings this story to life with a cast of unforgettable characters in an inspiring tale of courage and determination, love and loss.
On the outside, Brook Breasting is a picturesque English village. On the inside, it has the characters that make it uniquely, Brook Breasting.

About Author

John White

I was born in Gedling, Nottingham, in 1943. My working life was as follows: factory worker, warp knitter, soldier (twelve years), British Coal employee (twenty years) and for the final ten years I worked at Nottingham University. A couple of years before I retired I began writing by penning the odd poem. Short stories followed as my enthusiasm for writing increased. My first novel, Brook Breasting, is the direct result of one of those short stories. Several chapters of a sequel are already on the ‘drawing board’. At some stage I would like to put together an anthology of my short stories and poems. On my retirement I joined the Eastwood Writers Group. I enjoy the once a week meetings with like minded people. Listening to what others have to offer and their different approaches to writing, is an education. Apart from trying to make sure my work is grammatically correct and the punctuation sound, I don’t follow any other rules of writing. As for ideas and inspiration, well, mine come from studying people and going for [...]

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