BreAnn Allen (2017)

Fiction   Romance

Lydia Jones has spent the last four years of her life under constant scrutiny. She has grown weary of her ever present mask and secretly wishes to be herself again.
Simon Partridge comes into her life one rainy evening when her father hosts a dinner party. Simon begins to show Lydia the freedom she once had and the love she deserves.

About this book

Twenty-two year old Lydia Jones lives at the top of the social ladder in the town of Riverwalk, Pennsylvania. With her status comes strict rules and the demands of a young woman in high standing. And, though she resents the rules imposed on her, her loyalty, love, and duty to her family are her number one priority and everything, including love, is no longer of importance.
Then she meets Mr. Simon Partridge.
A young, successful lawyer from New York, Simon Partridge moves to Riverwalk to join the courts as a Junior Judge. His past is mysterious but his charm and gentle nature appeal strongly to Lydia and she finds herself considering love for the first time. The attraction is shared with one flaw: Simon recognizes that Lydia is actually not the woman she yearns to be.
Blossoming love is put to the test as jealousy, manipulative family members, and an old client of Simon’s interrupts their lives. Can Lydia’s new found bravery to stick up for herself and be her own woman stand fast in the face of this adversity? And what of her relationship with Simon? Can they survive the trials of life or will their love fail when a trip to New York becomes disastrous?

About Author

BreAnn Allen

BreAnn Allen

Raised in Las Vegas, BreAnn has always loved writing. In everything she writes, there is an element from her own life and experiences. Therefore, writing became a larger part of her life when she had to move back home with her parents in 2011 because her health started to become dangerous. A blessing came in the form of a special, four legged creature: Her service dog. Thanks to the help of her parents as her caretakers and the love of her service dog, Minion, she’s been able to achieve that which she had thought was impossible. Each day is a victory and each day she thanks God for what she has. Now she lives in Oklahoma, ready to keep sharing her love of writing with each person who opens her books.

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