Drifting Beneath the “Red Duster”

Neil J. Morton (2010)

Biography   Non-fiction

During the 1950s Britain’s merchant fleet was at the peak of a long mercantile history. The Red Ensign was flown with pride from the stern of mighty ocean liners and cargo vessels trading on a worldwide scale. This is the story of a steward aboard and ashore in far flung corners of the empire. His adventures are taken from real life incidents.


About this book

One early spring day in May 1954 the headmaster called the author, who was about to leave school, into his study for occupational guidance. All Neil knew was that the dreary nine to five existence in office or factory was not for him.
‘I want to be a steward in the Merchant Navy sir’. The head who was a good old boy shook his grey head. ‘What a waste.’
What followed was no waste; adventure was what he craved and adventure and romance aplenty called during the years that were the heyday of Britain’s proud merchant flag, the “Red Duster”. From Brazil to the Caribbean, to New Zealand and Australia where he now lives, the author will share with you a rollicking good yarn or two..

About Author

Neil J. Morton

This is the author’s only work to date except for some as yet unpublished short stories. Resident in Australia since leaving the sea over forty years ago the author has worked in lumber camps, huge dam construction sites, pubs and clubs and sold anything from radios to office blocks.

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