Dudgeon’s Bridge

Adrian L. Youseman (2013)

Fiction   Historical

A boy is born into a 17th century town beset by war, his struggle to look after his family becomes inevitably perilous. The relative peace that followed offered little stability for those who would endeavour to better their life. But in these times, ambition embroiled the best of intentions into the scheming of others. His battle is our history.

About this book

English soil, so treasured, hasn’t always been a green and pleasant land. The times when life was cheap and governments were proved with butchery and bloodshed, are, in reality, only a few hundred years behind us. The history we take for granted is littered with the prejudices of originating scholars and the editing of the victors from any given age.
The 17th century Civil War split families and towns, killing by proportion more English men than WW1 and WW2 combined. History has polished its account to let us believe that somehow it was the birth of our democratic nation, but this was no rite.
Dudgeon’s Bridge takes you through these times.
A boy is born into a town beset by the worst of these troubles and must struggle to make his mark, whilst trying to look after his family. We know too well in today’s world that one simple life can change the world we know, but little of those in the past who did. This is the account that’s waiting to be told, for the monstrosity of war creates its children and just like so many of them, the truth is so often the first to be orphaned.

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Adrian L. Youseman

Adrian L. Youseman

I was born in Swanscombe, a place best known for stopping William the Conqueror and asking some polite questions. ‘How do you get time to write?’ was what my friends posed when finding out my naughty secret. At first I assured them my principle aim is to write for myself, so I make time, but even I have to question how it happens when expanding on my life. Besides my adoring wife and family I have been a school governor twice, borough councillor and all while still running an engineering business. Living in a listed building also requires untold hours of restoration work, but I still make time for tennis and church duties. My writing comes from the development of Probability Fiction, which calculates improbabilities of the past, concepts of the present and the certainty of any future. In essence it is about exploring, with mathematics and psychology, where the truth may be hidden or yet to come. How this combines with the process of writing entertaining fiction is difficult to explain in a short paragraph, but the industry in general pays little attention to the science that underlies belief in characters and events, leaving it purely to a writer’s natural skill. I [...]

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