Erections in the Far East

David Rowley (2011)

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A humorous account of a construction engineer living and working in SE Asia. The mishaps, pranks, highs and lows of steel tower erecting, from the remotest parts of Cambodia, to the more lively cities of Thailand. He finds himself face to face with a variety of wildlife on the towers, oddball characters and girlfriends, foreign infections and more.

About this book

WARNING to British readers – This book has NOT been written by a celebrity and so may seem like total gaga.

Join Rowley in his light hearted and self-deprecating antics as he works his way around SE Asia, building communication towers on and off the beaten track. In Borneo he heads up river to remote jungle long-houses to provide the natives with internet access and something called porn. He avoids death on the towers from a variety of beasts, keeps the locals on their toes by blocking their roads with overturned cranes, and, with the help of Angus, his trusty Scottish sidekick, they manage to undo much of the respect the British have earned there over the last three hundred years. Thailand allows Rowley time to ponder Thai culture; from the exciting go-go bars of Bangkok to the loneliness of the north east, where he spends a year living in a two star hotel. Eventually he begins to enjoy life there until one of his beloved towers starts falling over and he resumes his “You are a worry man” mode. Sampling the highs and lows of Vietnamese life from internet dating and male toilet massage, to the misery of pouring concrete by night and wondering where his life went so wrong. In Cambodia he tours every province and is worshipped by his intimate team of young civil engineers, though it’s not they who finally bring him to a grinding halt with a variety of embarrassing ailments.

It’s not all humour and frolics. Rowley also gives a brief but interesting insight into the history of each location and the influence of the western world.

The Borneo Echo

‘Probably the best book I have ever skimmed through’
Roderick – Author’s best friend

‘He has a way with words that even a five year old can relate to’
Duncan – Author’s second best friend

About Author

David Rowley

David Rowley

The author has been in the steel telecommunication tower building/rigging industry for twenty years and can normally be found either hibernating or working somewhere in SE Asia. He occasionally pops back to the UK to catch up with friends and relatives in the Cotswolds, but never in the winter. He is still single and if you read his book it is not difficult to see why.

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