Fierce Thunder

Courtney & Jacquelyn Kinkade (2015)

Adventure   Fiction   Thriller / Suspense

A mountain biking vacation in Mexico goes awry when vacationers and their two guides stumble into a massacre between rebel forces and militia over drugs and antique gold coins. The race for survival is on, the group is forced to deal with greed and betrayal, while being hunted by determined criminals who will stop at nothing to recover their loot.

About this book

A mountain biking vacation goes terribly awry in the Mexican jungle when a small group of innocent vacationers and their guides stumble into a massacre between cartel rebel forces and militia over drugs and antique gold coins. Now a race for survival, the unequipped group is forced to deal with greed, betrayal and finding their way back to civilization, all the while being hunted by the owner, wanting his gold, drugs and… no witnesses.

The characters include DR. BRAD SOMMERS, who is trying to forget, if only for a little while, a wrongful death lawsuit that could affect his life and career. KEVIN BLACK is a throwback, embroiled in a corporate family battle. CELIA DANE is a camera toting attorney in the middle of an ugly divorce. ROBBIE ROBERTS is a compulsive gambler and obnoxious loudmouth, who won the trip at a casino. RAMON GARCIA, a somewhat shady persona and his sister, ELENA, a collegiate bike racer, are their biking guides. ENRIQUE SALERNO, is a nefarious smuggler and owner of the contraband, who will stop at nothing to retrieve what is his.

Life and death decisions confront them at every turn and ultimately, greed decides who lives and dies.

About Author

Courtney & Jacquelyn Kinkade

Courtney and Jacquelyn held various executive positions in the film industry. Courtney was V.P. of Production for Gladden Entertainment (FABULOUS BAKER BOYS, WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S, MANNEQUIN II, MILLENNIUM, SHORT TIME). Jacquelyn was a freelance DVD producer (Fox, Sony, and Warner Brothers titles). Their dark comedy short, COMMITTED, won Best Directorial Debut in the New York International Independent Film Festival. Their screenplay, OPERA RATS won Best Screenplay at the First Glance Film Screenplay Competition. Their feature film script, DEPUTY DOG, is under option. Both attained MFA degrees from USC – Peter Stark Program. Their company is Mesquite Entertainment®. Primarily screenwriters, FIERCE THUNDER is their first novel, but they have others in the wings. Available for interviews, they spend time between Los Angeles and Dalhart, Texas. Both are avid golfers and met on the golf course. They have six rescue cats and a rescue German Shepherd, who thinks she’s a cat.

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