Joy Comes in the Morning

Tara Talabi (2022)

Biography   Inspirational & Self Development   Non-fiction

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Married at 27 and widowed by the age of 33.  My autobiography tells you of my life’s journey from a joy-filled childhood through to the darkness of widowhood and then to peace, acceptance and progress into middle age.

The book is a series of short chapters that tells the story of my life’s journey from birth to the age of 50. It takes you through the ups and downs of my joys, tragedies, endurance and victories.

About this book

The police car appeared within a few minutes, and a lady officer got out. She asked me to get in. I refused. I asked her where my husband was. She said she didn’t know and that she and her partner had just been instructed to pick me up. I asked her point-blank, ‘Is my husband alive?’

Tara was blissfully married to the love of her life, Tope. They had a son and were expecting their second child early in the New Year. Life was great, but suddenly, life dealt a nasty hand, tragedy struck, dark clouds came in and covered the sunshine and life took on the hue of a dull and rainy day. Tara found herself wondering whether the sun would ever shine again.

Author's Interview Aug 2022 - A Brief Sneak Preview


Author's Book Launch - 15 Oct 2022


1 review for Joy Comes in the Morning

  1. Olujoke Ayoade

    I saw one foot of Tope’s sandals by the bedroom door, and the floodgates burst open. I started to cry, quietly at first but, before I knew it, I was screaming. I kept on asking, what i was going to do now? how was I going to carry on without the love of my life? I didn’t want to carry on, I wanted to close my eyes and die too…….I refuse to carry on……..

    But for Tara mercy said No
    I’m never gonna let you go
    Never gonna let you slip away
    You don’t have to be afraid….sin will never take control.
    Life and death stood face to face ……
    Darkness only tried to steal her joy away…..
    Thank you Jesus Mercy said No!!!
    She has come out of it all stronger and fulfilled only by His grace.
    The book is a comforting hope that truly joy comes in the morning.

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