Losing My Religion – The Radical Message of the Kingdom

Richard Bradbury (2011)

Christian Life & Practice   Non-fiction

The Kingdom of God is the most important and fundamental doctrine in the Christian faith; everything else hangs off this truth and, unless we grasp this, we will miss the whole point of our faith. The hope of the author is that the reader will get hold of this same understanding and apply its implications to their own world.

About this book

This book arises from twenty five years of study and a passion to see God’s people grasp the extent and significance of the Kingdom of God and to apply it in their own lives. This message is not an addendum to the gospel but is in fact the gospel. Christianity is not a religion to be followed but is about seeing the rule of God extended to the earth in every aspect of life: ‘Let Your kingdom come; let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. It is not about adopting a philosophy but about renewing the world through the transformation of lives, beliefs, values and behaviours. This renewal extends to all poverty, injustice and the effects of the Fall in the social, political and economic environment of the World. As we grasp this we will see the gospel as the means through which the healing of our lives becomes the basis for the healing of the nations.

Richard Bradbury is based in Beverley in East Yorkshire and leads Beverley Community Church, part of the Groundlevel Network of churches. Married with four children, his prime gifting is as a teacher to the Body of Christ.

About Author

Richard Bradbury

Richard Bradbury

As both a theologian and a pastor, Richard Bradbury brings both scholarship and compassion to his writing. Drawing upon his academic achievements (BA (Honours) in Theology and an MSc in Management), Richard has set up the Basileia Bible School to train those in ministry and those aspiring to ministry in theology and Biblical studies. Other books by him include, It’s the End of the World as we know it World (a handbook to the End Times), Losing My Religion (The Radical Message of the Kingdom), Everybody Hurts (A foray into the Minor Prophets) and The Great Beyond (Restoring Women to their God-given Role in Ministry). Married with 4 grown up children and based in Beverley, he is the leader of Beverley Community Church (part of the Ground Level Network). He also has some national responsibilities with Churches together in England. Previously, he spent 25 years working in industry which enables him to bring both a theological and practical dimension to his work.

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