Me and My Shadow

Ray Matthews (2012)

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Me and My Shadow is based upon a dedication to achieving goals in extreme sports. The book is about endurance running events and how it all began through boxing as a young boy, brought up in a South Yorkshire steelmaking town. The book will cast a wide net, generating interest in the boxing/running, life coaching, inspiration and motivation market.

About this book

What kind of man runs 100 miles at the age of 70 and what makes anyone want to run 100 miles?
Throughout a lifetime, everyone has the opportunity to meet truly exceptional people. Ray is one of them. From being a cocky ginger haired, Yorkshire lad who just wanted to have a go at boxing, to his recent 100km Sahara Desert race, Ray’s life is truly inspiring and anyone seeking to take on the impossible should read this book. Ray writes with a passion that reflects his fervour for life. Feel the emotion as a young Ray takes steps that help him discover the most important mentors who lead him to make the hardest choices which made the biggest differences in his life.

"…Who decides what the right age is to achieve your dreams? Ray demonstrates that destiny is in your hands, and not in the hands of what society expects of us…"
- Patrick De Jong, Desert runner and Friend

"If you have the burning desire to live your life on your terms, then Ray’s book is a must read. Ray is living the ideal life; to be content with what he has achieved, and be ambitious for more."
- David Greenfield, Gym buddy and Life Coach

"You will be intrigued by extraordinary stories of determination and achievement in which adversity is overcome and goals are reached. The author takes you on a journey and leaves you wanting more–always the mark of a great book."
- Marina Tune, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

"…The descriptive writing and storytelling paints a picture that almost makes you feel you are right there running with Ray in the desert–like his shadow. Feel the physical and emotional pain Ray experienced and the overwhelming joy of knowing that you have just taken part in something truly amazing."
- Helen Woodburn-Moran

"There are many words to describe how you may feel after reading Me and My Shadow; intrigued, shocked, emotional, inspired…"
- Fiona Burkinshaw, Personal Trainer and fitness coach

About Author

Ray Matthews

Ray was born towards the latter end of the war in 1941 in Masborough, Rotherham, close to the heart of the industrial steelmaking area of South Yorkshire. The eldest son of a family of four brothers, it was always envisaged that sport would play a large part of his life. Retiring at the age of 66, and now having the time to devote to his love of running, he has managed to take on bigger and more adventurous challenges each year. Called upon to fill a gap Ray delivered a motivational talk to a large group of fitness instructors, ending the night with a standing ovation, and has now launched himself into the speaking business. The decision to write this book has been the hardest task Ray has taken on to date.

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