Onwards and Upwards

Chris R. Pownall (2011)

Biography   Non-fiction

This is a sequel to Chris’ memoirs, packed with tales that will make you laugh and cringe. The book covers a broad spectrum of subjects, intended to stimulate your mind and focus your thoughts. You will journey through decades of social living, enjoying Chris’ experiences and opinions, comparing behavioural attitudes and values, past and present.

About this book

This book is a sequel to Chris Pownall’s hilarious autobiography entitled “Funny How Things Work Out”.
“Onwards and Upwards” recalls more childhood memories generally tinged with humour from Chris’ interesting and colourful life. He reveals more intriguing details from his early life, dealing with a wide range of subjects through to his retirement from full-time employment.
Some of these stories will make you laugh out loud and some that will make you blush or cringe at some of the antics that Chris and his friends got up to in the 50s and 60s. In this book Chris expresses some of his opinions on the quality and values of life today compared with the period when he was a youth, growing up in a Cheshire village. He shares many experiences ranging from exciting travels to memorable outings taken more than half a century ago, to those occurring in recent times.
By the time you have read this book you will have a good idea of what makes this guy tick, what excites him, and what annoys him.

This book is a must for those interested in social history and anyone keen to know how life was in the mid 20th century in comparison to the present day. You will be amazed at the diversity of subjects covered in this book and some of the stories will undoubtedly bring back memories to those of a certain age, whilst younger readers will hopefully appreciate the opportunities that Chris has experienced and relished throughout his happy and fulfilling life. The book is rounded off by Chris’ experience of retirement, including the changes that present themselves, plus the potential problems to be aware of.

You will journey through a period of over 60 years and hopefully at the end you won’t feel exhausted, but rather exhilarated and amused at what has engendered this man to regularly express the following saying – “Onwards and Upwards”.

About Author

Chris R. Pownall

I’m very proud of my humble background, born into a loving family in the small Cheshire village of Bosley, in the United Kingdom. Sadly my Father died when I was nine years of age, leaving my mother Lucy to look after my sister Cynthia and I, until we were able to fend for ourselves. I left school at the age of fifteen with no qualifications, but managed to secure an engineering apprenticeship at a nearby mill. It was hard work with long hours, and I had to study at a college of further education until I was 22 years of age. Having completed my apprenticeship, I was promoted to the drawing office, but then developed itchy feet and thought of ways to broaden my horizons and travel the world. I joined the Merchant Navy and this was the break I needed to get me away from my roots, in the discovery of pastures new. As it transpired, the life at sea proved to be unsuitable for me and after my initial training and one trip to the Far East; I decided to move on once again. I secured a position as a design draughtsman with an engineering manufacturing company, which was to expand my engineering skills, but again, it wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I am a very sociable individual and love meeting people and discovering new things and visiting interesting places. My fortunes substantially changed when I was appointed by James Walker & Co Ltd as a trainee technical sales representative. This was to be the beginning of a long career lasting almost forty years and following several promotions along the way; I finished up as an Industrial Marketing Director, responsible for the global Metallurgical Industry. I have a strong sense of humour, which forms part of my make-up and personality. My reputation includes being there when things go wrong and this has been the case [...]

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