Out On Top – A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories

Steve Morris (2014)

Fiction   Thriller / Suspense

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The Eastern Front 1943. A massive Russian offensive has fragmented the German frontlines forcing them into a fighting retreat back to the Oder River to establish defensive bridgeheads in order to slow the Soviet masses. However elements of the 1st SS LAH Panzer division have held their positions and have withstood the brunt of the Soviet onslaught.

About this book

“We are long overdue a break.
Out on Top is a bag of stories where wrongs are often put right.
Instead of dwelling on what might have been, characters get their chances to rectify their regrets and tidy up their troubled pasts.
Once-reluctant Romeos, clever creatures and innovative new technology sees the cast of Out on Top get second chances to see the truth finally come out whether it wants to or not.

From the author of In All Probability,
Out on Top sees Steve Morris return to set a few things straight.”

About Author

Steve Morris

Steve Morris is a teacher and examiner of mathematics and science. He travels around his region of England teaching students who are too ill to get to school. Despite a background surrounded by facts and figures, one of Steve’s lifelong passions has been his love for English literature and of collecting antiquarian books. Learning to talk at a “spookily” early age and never afraid to speak his mind, Steve was taught to read fluently by his parents at the age of four. Story writing quickly began in his own schooldays where he enjoyed [...]

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1 review for Out On Top – A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories

  1. Mswong

    It was a short story . Good time to read a book during the cold weather.

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