Painted Ghosts

Neil Beardmore (2021)

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Three women head from England to modern day India; each on a personal quest. Daphne revisits the Ajanta caves to re-find the artist in her that she had to abandon as a teenager. Stella wanders the sands of Goa with her estranged sister in the hope of reconciliation. And Ria is drawn to the snowy heights of the Himalayas to find a long lost twin.

About this book

Three women have personal reasons to head from England to modern day India, each on a quest to rebuild their past and family.

Daphne celebrates her 60th birthday by revisiting the Buddhist painted caves of Ajanta and to meet Shanta. Her cooperative rehab centre for Devadasi prostitutes is in debt. Can Daphne save it? And has she the strength to face the Painted Ghosts of her past?

Stella is on a painting holiday in Goa with her estranged half sister who is just out of rehab. Local art teacher Arun wants to heal the sisters’ rifts by taking them to The Garden of Izzat Baig to celebrate an ancient myth, but will he succeed?

Young Ria heads out to join the Indian part of her family in the Himalayan foothills to find her lost brother. The intrusion of a hijra throws the family into confusion. But Ria has to seek the help of the hijra to resolve a family dispute. Will this be enough to satisfy everyone’s demands in a home with A View of Glass Mountains?

About Author

Neil Beardmore

In the Nineties Neil won the Sussex Playwrights Award and The Richard Burton Poetry Competition, going on later to take an MA in Creative Writing specialising in Poetry and Novel writing. Two plays Pristine in Blue and A View Of Glass Mountains were professionally performed recently and in 2016 his novel Lemon Seas was published with Pneuma Springs. Neil’s poems have appeared in The Cannon’s Mouth, Erbacce, Dreamcatcher, The French Literary Review and many other mag-azines. Having had poetry published in Orbis, he has also had a short story, Key Notes, published in the magazine. 2019 saw Neil collaborate with fellow poet Bob Devereux on an illustrated performance of their poems about Painters and Painting at St Ives Literary Festival. See more at his website:

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