Panzer Storm

Karl Brockmann (2014)

Fiction   Historical   Thriller / Suspense   World War 2

Withdrawn from the horrors of the Russian front, the 1st SS Panzer Division, are ordered to Belgium for a complete overhaul. They find themselves stationed in Italy to carry out the disarming of some Italian army units following the capitulation of Italy as allies to the Third Reich–a straightforward task that becomes an intense and bloody combat.

About this book

Recently withdrawn from the horrors of the Russian Front, the 1st SS Panzer Division Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler, are ordered to Belgium for a complete overhaul and refit of its war-torn troops and panzers. Due to growing uncertainty they are redirected on this journey eventually arriving in Innsbruck. With only a few weeks respite, they find themselves stationed in Italy along the Po River Plain to carry out the disarming of several Italian army units, following the capitulation of Italy as allies to the Third Reich.
It is not long before they are embroiled in deadly anti-partisan operations during most of their stay in the country, and then they are directed back to face the colossal Red Army tidal wave of men and machines once again along the Eastern Front. Still waiting for their panzers to arrive, the 1st SS are forced into bloody hand to hand trench warfare heavily outnumbered each day.
Intelligence reports indicate the Russians are planning a huge attack, which threatens to wipe out the 1st SS and other defending German Divisions, unless they can thwart this advance with a plan of their own, using the limited, heavily outnumbered troops and panzers at their disposal.

About Author

Karl Brockmann

I was born in 1964 near the town of Mulheim West Germany whilst my father was serving in the British Army as a Sergeant Major. I was the second of two sons, the first of which went on to serve as air crew in the Royal Air Force. Around 1967 my father was posted back to England where we settled once again near Durham. My life was good and secure with plenty of encouragement from my immediate family. By 1971 our army life was over and we were on the move again to live near family on the south coast where we still remain today. My schooling was not dynamic in any way as I floated along in the mainstream achieving average results at best in most subjects. The most vivid memory that remains with me from my time at school was being paid a compliment in front of the whole class by our most hard line teacher at the time for a fictional story I had written about a mongoose and a cobra, quite something at the time for a child usually unnoticed in the class from day-to-day. From school I went to work like most young [...]

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